You’re engaged?! Congratulations! It’s the moment so many of us have dreamed of: having that beautiful ring that holds so many promises of commitment and devotion to your life ahead together as one partnership. How exciting!

There is so much love in your heart and you’re jumping with joy, this is such an exciting time for you and your beloved! Before shouting it from the rooftops, enjoy this moment. Bask in the happiness and celebrate this next chapter with your sweetheart. Once you’ve truly embraced this time together, you want to keep the excitement going by including your family and friends into this little love bubble and sharing your exciting news. It’s time to tell everyone you said, ‘Yes!’

There are many creative and fun ways to announce your engagement and I guarantee there is something for everyone! Keep reading below for 5-fun ways to announce your engagement!

1. Spam the ‘Gram!

The simplest way to announce your engagement is through a planned social media post. Whether you chose to upload a traditional ring selfie, a proposal shot, or even just a sweet couples photo – social media is one of the quickest ways to get the good news out there! Paired with a caption that perfectly encapsulates you as a couple, get ready to watch the heart reactions and congratulatory comments come rushing in! 

Bonus Tip: Surprise proposal/couple shoots are a beautiful way to capture the genuine reaction and excitement that is experienced during a proposal! I offer engagement photoshoots where the proposal can be a complete surprise if desired and provides you with memorable images to share with your loved ones when you announce the good news! 

2. Face to Face!

Whether you organise a dinner for all your nearest and dearest, or you simply wait until the next family BBQ – what an exciting way to announce one of the biggest moments of your life to your loved ones! Nothing says congratulations quite like seeing the genuine emotion of those closest to you when you share the big news! 

You can include little ‘hints’ throughout your evening such as “they put a ring on it” mugs when serving beverages or “Mr and/or Mrs.” cushions on your couches. It can be fun to see who comes to the realisation first! Alternatively, you could just hold your ring finger up and scream with excitement! (That’s definitely something I would do!) 

3. Put Your Own Twist on Things!

Personalise your engagement announcement to something that perfectly reflects you as a couple! If you’re both movie buffs, perhaps you could recreate one of your favourite movie scenes or if you had a date or place that has great significance to you, you could incorporate that into your proposal announcement!

Or why not get a big bunch of flowers or balloons and go back to the place where you had your very first date as a couple? It’s a beautiful way to commemorate where you started as a couple and where you are now!

4. Put Your Paws up!

I don’t know about you, but our pup is a huge part of our family and we couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than including her in our proposal announcement! Whether she’s at the actual proposal or included in a photo shoot after the fact, I think including your fur-babies in your announcement is a perfect personal touch!

And why stop at your dogs? If you’ve got cats, horses, birds, lizards, include them! Every member of the family should be included, big or small! 

5.  You’re the Star!

As I previously mentioned, I do offer photoshoots to capture your proposals or engagements for beautiful photos to share with your loved ones. But have you given much thought to a short, intimate highlight reel of your proposal? Not only is it something to share with those around you, it’s also a beautiful memento to hold onto and look back on in the future.

I know I would love to be able to watch a short video of my parents’ or grandparents’ proposals! It’s a wonderful way to immortalise the moment to share with many generations both in the present and future!

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to proposal announcements! There are no right or wrong ways to tell your loved ones. Have fun with it and get creative! Your new engagement status is one of the most exciting milestones in your life, embrace this new chapter as you embark on a brand-new adventure with your partner!


March 15, 2022

5-Fun Ways to Announce your Engagement!

Rochelle Hansen

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