Your wedding day is one of the most meaningful days of your life, so it’s only natural to want to add some additional touches of sentimentality throughout the day to make the occasion even more special. 

Adding personalised elements to your wedding day, not only does it help to create a deeper emotional connection and intimate atmosphere, but it’s also a wonderful way to reflect your unique personalities as a couple. 

So, here are some of our favourite ways that you can infuse sentimentality into your wedding day!

1. Personalise Your Ceremony

Include elements in your wedding ceremony that showcase your distinctive personalities and relationship for a lovely way to infuse sentimentality. There are many ways to make your ceremony unique, including composing personalised wedding vows, reading a favourite poem or book passage, or even including your loved ones.

You could consider:

  • Writing personal vows
  • Reading your favourite poem
  • Incorporating unity traditions like handfasting or sand pouring.
  • Having loved ones perform a reading, song and/or play an instrument.

If you want more ideas on personalising your wedding ceremony, check out our blog post dedicated to that here.

2. Incorporate Family Heirlooms

Including family heirlooms is a lovely way to give those extra personal touches to your wedding day! A unique way to honour your family and add that sentimental touch is to include something handed down through the generations, whether it be your grandmother’s jewellery, your mother’s wedding veil, or something else of great significance.

3. Display Meaningful Photographs

What a lovely way to honour your path to this magical day! You could showcase all of your favourite images from your relationship or any meaningful moments that you cherish. You might put them on display throughout your venue, whether they are memories from your childhood, a special occasion, or even your very first date!

Bonus Tip: You could also include a polaroid camera for your guests to take photos of them enjoying your day! Alongside your guestbook, this is a beautiful way for you to look back on your wedding day!

4. Dedicate a Moment to Absent Loved Ones

Consider setting aside a time during your ceremony or reception to honour any family members who were unable to attend your wedding or who have unfortunately passed away. You could set aside a seat for them, light a candle, play their favourite music, or include a heartfelt reading.

5. Play Your Favourite Music

Include your favourite music as a couple or a collection of songs that hold special meaning for you on your wedding day! Whether it’s when you walk down the aisle in your wedding ceremony, during your first dance as a married couple, or it’s a song that is guaranteed to get all of your guests up on the dance floor for a boogie, don’t hesitate to include all of your favourites!

6. Create a Memory Table

A memory table is a beautiful way to honour loved ones, recall significant moments in your relationship, or simply incorporate special momentos into your wedding reception!

Adding some extra sentimental touches to your wedding day is an intimate and heartfelt way to create a memorable and meaningful celebration. Not only can these ideas help you personalise your day, but they will also allow you to have a series of beautiful moments that you and your loved ones will cherish forever!

There is definitely a lot to consider when it comes to planning your wedding day and an extra pair of hands is always helpful! If you’re looking for additional ways to incorporate your loved ones in your wedding planning process, check out our post here to learn more.


April 2, 2023

Adding Sentimenality to Your Wedding Day

Rochelle Hansen

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