One of the most frequent questions I get as an elopement photographer is, “What does an elopement really look like? What do we actually do?” and the most honest answer that I can provide is that an elopement is a period of time for you to celebrate your relationship and your love in whatever way makes your heart soar! It can feel a little overwhelming thinking about the elopement process as a whole, but once you break it down into small, meaningful pieces, your day will be a perfect reflection of the love you’re honouring.

At the heart of an elopement, you will have your ceremony which gives you the opportunity to speak from your soul and exchange rings with your beloved. But it’s about creating an authentic experience from all of those magical moments in between as well, and that often comes from activities that you may choose to include on your elopement day! And my job is to ensure that I’m there to capture all of these glorious, intimate moments for you to relive years and years later.

Immediately, some ideas might pop into your mind of potential activities, or perhaps you’re still feeling a little stumped. That’s okay! Keep reading for some ideas across a variety of scenarios including indoor, outdoor and what I consider “adventure” activities! You’ll be surprised how something so simple can turn into an incredibly meaningful experience on your special day.

Behind Closed Doors: Indoor Activities

There is so much precious time prior to your ceremony to spend basking in your love bubble with your partner. If you’re looking to be nestled together in your accommodation, there are many activities that you can do together in preparation for your upcoming vows!

1. Cooking!

If food is the way to your heart, you could cook together and prepare your favourite food to enjoy. Who doesn’t like the idea of a cooked meal prepared with lots of love on your special day? Whether that’s pancakes or french toast or burgers! It’s completely up to you. It can even be something as simple as having coffee together, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend the time together creating something incredible.

2. Bubble Bath!

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed and low-key, there is nothing better than a warm bubble bath! Fill up the tub, pour as much bubble bath as your heart desires and bask in the exciting bliss with your love! Not only is this a perfect way to relax, but it gives you the opportunity to be in the moment with your partner and create memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

3. Writing Vows!

A beautiful way to really reflect on your relationship, and further build on the anticipation and excitement of your elopement day, is to sit down together and write your vows. Get comfortable together and let your emotions flow out and down onto paper, allowing yourself to truly speak from the heart, in the presence of your love. You’d be surprised at how beautifully rewarding this can be!

2. Under the Sun: Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking to feel the sun on your face or perhaps spend some time relaxing under the stars with your love, then these activities might be perfect for you!

1. Picnic!

This one is an oldie, but it’s a goodie. Grab yourself a blanket, pack up your favourite snacks and find a quiet spot somewhere to have a romantic picnic together! Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to have some tasty treats in the great outdoors, but after you finish eating, it’s a beautiful time to spend together embracing each other’s company.

2. Bike Riding

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and are wanting to explore the surrounding area with your love, why not grab some bikes and take a romantic bike ride together? You could ride to a local cafe to grab some coffees and pastries, or you could just enjoy the sunshine with your sweetheart.

3. Star Gazing!

If you find yourself underneath the stars, what a perfect opportunity to stay nestled together by a campfire. You could share stories together, watch the stars (Be sure to look out for shooting stars!), or even dance around the fire to your favourite music! The most important thing is you’re enjoying time with your love.

3. Chasing the Moment: Adventure Activities

If you’re seeking a little more adventure on your elopement day, then rest assured because I’ve got you covered! What’s a better way to spend your day than travelling off the beaten path with your beloved?

1. Hiking

If you’re looking to literally go off the beaten path, you could hike up to a mountain peak or even take your favourite hiking trail together. Imagine looking across at a sweeping view at sunset, with your love in your arms. If you’re looking to go that extra step further too, you could always explore your options to camp out and wake up together immersed in nature!

2. Canoeing!

If you’re a water person at heart, there’s always the option to go canoeing or kayaking at your favourite location! Picture this: paddling out leisurely together and watching as the sunset rolls over the sky. What more could you want on your special day than being outdoors and on the water with the one you love?

3. Helicopter Tour!

Perhaps you’re looking to take your love to all new heights? Then might I suggest taking a helicopter tour together or potentially even a hot air balloon? Not only will you have breathtaking views of picturesque landscape, but what a unique adventure to experience together on your big day! I guarantee that it will be a memory that you’ll cherish for years!

Whilst there is an abundance of options for activities, it’s important to remember that it’s all about your own unique, personal experiences. You have the ability to make your day as memorable and loving as you’d like. Do you adore the soft morning hours, when the sun is slowly waking up the world and those cozy moments with your partner? Perhaps you love getting ready together each morning and envision helping each other get ready for your ceremony together, taking your time to get all those little details perfect. Take down all the ideas you’ve envisioned for your day and write them out! What’s important to you? What are the most meaningful aspects? Take all of these treasured pieces of information and incorporate them into your special day if you can.

The beauty of my job is I take pride in getting to know you on a personal level, what you’re dreaming of and how I can create that vision for you! When you look back on your photos, I want you to feel those memories like they were yesterday, to have that magic recreated every single time you reminisce on your day. Your love is a treasure, and I want your photos to reflect how special and rare that is. We may be strangers when we first meet, but by the end of our journey together, I consider you my own friends. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Let’s take the next step and discuss your dream day in further detail. 


July 3, 2022

Elopement Activity Ideas

Rochelle Hansen

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