When it comes to your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is large crowds of people, particularly during the most intimate moments of your big day. The focus should be solely on the love and commitment shared between you and your partner, without the distractions of large, lingering crowds. 

An Intimate Wilsons Prom Elopement.

You want to ensure you’re at ease and comfortable when saying, “I do,” and as I’m sure you know, it can be very easy to be overwhelmed when you have people coming and going throughout your most personal moments. 

Here are some reasons why you might want to avoid crowds on your wedding day and how to go about securing as much privacy as possible!

Choose a Lesser-Known Location 

Whilst this might seem like an obvious point, it’s definitely an important one to keep in mind when you’re deciding on a specific location for your wedding day. Try to opt for a location that is off the beaten path, you would be surprised at how many hidden gems are out there! Don’t be afraid to research and find alternative locations that might not have as much foot traffic as others.

Time Your Wedding Strategically

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular location, like a scenic lookout or a sandy cove, try to plan your day strategically to ensure as little foot traffic as possible. Instead of a weekend, try and opt for a weekday instead for your wedding date! And if possible, we recommend trying to avoid public holidays at all costs. Alternatively, you could also choose to get married in the off-season. With cooler weather, there are often fewer visitors and tourists.

Plan for a Sunrise or Sunset Ceremony

 By choosing to have your wedding ceremony at either sunrise or sunset, not only can you take advantage of the incredible lighting, but you’re almost always guaranteed to only encounter a handful of people. A majority of tourists and visitors tend to be the most active around midday, so having your ceremony during the earlier or later hours will ensure you have the most privacy possible. (And who doesn’t love soft, golden lighting?!)

Get the Right Permissions and/or Permits

This point is super important if you’re planning to elope in a National Park or somewhere that requires specific permission. Certain locations may even have a restriction on how many people can be on a particular site at one time. However, this can work in your favour and be incredibly advantageous by ensuring that you minimise the chances of running into larger crowds of people!

If you’d like to know more about eloping in Australia, we’ve got a blog post about it here.

Choose a Private Venue 

If you’re still feeling a little uneasy and really don’t want to have any potential run-ins with people during your elopement, you can search for venue locations that provide private elopement packages or elopement-specific services. These venues may give exclusive access to specific regions or even possibilities for a more private ceremony in remote locations.

The presence of people on your elopement day can greatly differ based on the specific location and time of the year. To ensure a more private and intimate wedding experience, we would highly recommend conducting thorough research, planning ahead, and consider seeking guidance from any local experts (they often know where the hidden gems are!)

The most important thing is to ensure that you find a location that speaks to you as a couple and will be the perfect backdrop to your special day! If you’re looking for more tips and guidance on how to begin planning your elopement day, check out our blog here.



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June 5, 2023

Avoiding Crowds on Your Wedding Day

Rochelle Hansen

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