Romantic Wedding Day Keepsake Ideas

Your wedding day is a beautiful and intimate celebration of your love, it’s only natural to want to preserve those precious memories in a meaningful way. With some additional thought and care, there are many ways to get creative with preserving and displaying your wedding memories.

Avoiding Crowds on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is large crowds of people, particularly during the most intimate moments of your big day. The focus should be solely on the love and commitment shared between you and your partner, without the distractions of large, lingering crowds. 

How to Start Planning an Elopement

Are you and your partner considering eloping and looking for guidance on how to start planning your elopement? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll give you useful tips and essential things to think about when organizing your very own dream elopement!  As a seasoned wedding and elopement photographer/videographer duo based in Victoria, […]

6 Tips to Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were little or you haven’t given it much consideration prior to having a beautiful shiny ring on your finger (because let’s be real, there are so many options to consider!), We’ve got you covered on what to think about when embarking on the exciting adventure […]

Top 5 Reasons for Having an Engagement Photoshoot

At this stage, you’re probably occupied with sharing the news with loved ones, basking in sheer joy and happiness, as well as immersing yourself in various stages of wedding planning. There’s so much going on, and I can imagine you’ve got a lot on your plate. It’s daunting, and it can definitely be stressful, but […]

Oozing with Charm: Our Favourite Romantic Stays in Daylesford, Victoria.

Nestled at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range of Victoria is the charming, picturesque town of Daylesford. Surrounded by the Hepburn Regional Park and affectionately known for its mineral springs, Daylesford offers some incredible accommodation options for the romantic wanderers seeking that extra something special. With restored miners’ cottages, to beautifully decorated homes that […]

Why We Are Choosing to Elope

Much to my surprise, when Linden and I announced our engagement and our intentions to elope, we were met with the words, “an elopement is just a photoshoot.” This came as quite a big shock because of course, the idea of a photoshoot is not the reason our hearts are sold on an elopement. However, […]

Elopement Activity Ideas

One of the most frequent questions I get as an elopement photographer is, “What does an elopement really look like? What do we actually do?” and the most honest answer that I can provide is that an elopement is a period of time for you to celebrate your relationship and your love in whatever way […]

Elopement Timeline Ideas

Just because you’re eloping, it doesn’t mean that your day should be anything less than a traditional wedding.  An elopement has the amazing flexibility to be literally anything that you can think of. It’s all about following your heart. So, throw out the rule book and come up with an epic adventure that is all […]

8 of My Favourite Rustic Wedding Venues

There is something so beautiful and magical about a rustic-styled wedding. Whether that’s a wooden barn to say your vows in or clusters of flower bouquets with an abundance of organic shapes and textures. Rustic-themed weddings have many elements of nature incorporated within them. When I think of a rustic wedding, I immediately think of […]