Eloping has become an increasingly popular way to get married, and while more and more couples are choosing to elope, there are still many myths and misconceptions about eloping that persist. In this blog, we will be exploring the top five elopement myths and why they shouldn’t necessarily be associated with the modern conception of an elopement.

Myth #1: Eloping is Cheaper

One of the most common myths about eloping that is mentioned time and time again is the idea that having an elopement is significantly cheaper than a traditional wedding. While eloping does often cost less than a traditional wedding, this is not always the case. Each individual couple will prioritise something different within their elopement, and therefore, they aren’t all the same and won’t necessarily be a more inexpensive option to a traditional wedding.

Depending on the destination and the scale of your elopement, costs can quickly add up. You may find that the cost of flights, accommodations, permits, and officiants can quickly add up to be the same or more than what you would spend on a traditional wedding.

Myth #2: Eloping is Impulsive

Another common misconception about eloping is that it is an impulsive decision made without any real consideration. While some couples may make the decision to elope very quickly (which is completely fine!), this is not always the case. For many couples, eloping is a thoughtful and intentional decision that they have been considering for some time.

Many of my couples who have ultimately eloped had previously had open and honest conversations about choosing this route for their wedding long before they were even engaged. Eloping can be a great way to ensure that your wedding day focuses on the two of you and your relationship, and many couples find it to be an empowering and romantic experience!

Myth #3: Eloping Means You Don’t Invite Your Family

A third elopement myth is that you can’t invite your family or friends if you choose to elope. While some couples may opt for a completely private elopement, this is not the only option. There are many ways to include your closest family and friends in your elopement, such as having them join you virtually or inviting them to attend the ceremony in-person.

There is also the option to have a private ceremony with just you and your partner followed by a party to celebrate with your loved ones. (If you’re looking for more information about a post-elopement party, check out our blog here to learn more.) With an elopement, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide what ultimately works best for you as a couple.

Myth #4: Eloping is Unromantic

If there is one myth that I could zap off the face of the earth, it’s this one. While some couples may prefer the more traditional aspects of a traditional wedding, eloping can be just as romantic. It can be incredibly special to exchange your vows in a beautiful and meaningful location, just the two of you or with a small group of loved ones. An elopement is an intentional celebration of your own personal love story, tailored to match the two of you perfectly.

Whilst it can definitely be a daunting decision to make, eloping isn’t any less romantic than a traditional wedding. Rather, it’s a deliberate and genuine celebration of your marriage together and you will create memories that you can reminisce upon for a lifetime!

Myth #5: Eloping is Unconventional

One myth that you might have in mind about eloping is that it is unconventional. However, eloping is becoming increasingly more popular, with more and more couples choosing to elope each year. While there are certain elements of eloping that may be unconventional or might not work for your relationship specifically, the core concepts of eloping are still the same as those of a traditional wedding: the commitment, love, and celebration of unity between two people.

Eloping is a beautiful and meaningful way to start your life together, and it can be a great option for couples who want to focus on their relationship and create a unique experience for their special day. We hope this blog has helped to debunk some of the common myths about eloping and perhaps shed a little more light on the genuine intent of why you should consider choosing an elopement.

If you’re looking for some additional inspiration, definitely check out my Pinterest board here, dedicated solely to my beautiful couples and their incredible elopements!


February 5, 2023

Debunking Elopement Myths

Rochelle Hansen

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