How to include your furr-baby in the most amazing day of your life

So you’re getting married to your soulmate and you want to include all of those who mean the absolute most to you, including your pup!

Well, I for one, think it is an amazing idea to have your furry friend part of your wedding! I don’t know about you but Freyja isn’t just a dog to me, she is my baby! And I would definitely want her to be part of my wedding!

But how do you include them and make sure that you give THEM the best day possible too? Read on for some tips on how to include your best friend!

Tip 1

Have you ever heard of ‘I Do Paws’? They are an incredible Melbourne and Adelaide based pet sitter company that care for your furry friend on your wedding day! Forget stressing over who will walk, feed and give them water. You focus on YOU and they will look after your furbaby. They are also a vet nurse, insured and police checked so you know that they are in the very best hands! Read more on their page here.

Tip 2

Take your pup to the venue PRIOR to your wedding day. This will ensure they are familiar with the location.

Tip 3

TREATS! Make sure you have their all-time favourite treats handy so that they know they are being the good pups that they are! Also, a great idea to have lots of treats handy during the ceremony.

Tip 4

Consider having them in a first look or the couple photos instead of the ceremony. This is particularly a good idea if your little pup gets nervous easily. Ceremonies can be overwhelming and some pups might not cope with the big crowds OR they might get overexcited and want to attack everyone in kisses (this might not be the worst idea though!)

Tip 5

Get someone to take them for a big walk before the ceremony to get the extra energy out of their systems!

Tip 6

Make sure there is a quiet space they can go to on the day. This is really important so that they can relax and not feel stressed. If there isn’t anywhere quiet for the day then get someone to take them home after the ceremony.

Tip 7

Remember a lint roller! This is especially important during shedding season, especially if you have a husky like me! haha

Tip 8

This is the most important tip of all… ENJOY THE MOMENT! Remember to stop and enjoy having them with you. If your pup barks, jumps, goes a little crazy then just light about it! They want to be part of the day so just stop and take the time to give them a cuddle.


October 12, 2021

Dogs and Weddings

Rochelle Hansen

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