Just because you’re eloping, it doesn’t mean that your day should be anything less than a traditional wedding. 

An elopement has the amazing flexibility to be literally anything that you can think of. It’s all about following your heart. So, throw out the rule book and come up with an epic adventure that is all about you and your love! 

Did you know that the majority of elopements are actually full day elopements?! Afterall, to tell your story, I have to be there for the whole day, capturing all that amazingness in both the bigger moments, but also the smaller, in between times. That’s where a lot of the magic is! 

But what do you do for a full day on an elopement day, you ask? Check out some examples below! I have also included a shorter timeline for those who are after something short and sweet.

Keep in mind that these are just examples and will vary depending on sunset times, locations etc.

7 Hours of Your Love Story:

Just the two of you, saying ‘I do’ in the wilderness.

1:00pm – A morning activity. Maybe you love making pancakes together or having a cup of tea. Take this time to yourselves, to bask in the moment together and enjoy being fiances for the last time! You can then take a moment to write in your vow books before getting ready. 

2:30pm – It’s time to get ready! You will each get ready separately and can read letters from family or cute little notes from each other. I’ll be there to capture all the excitement and anticipation! 

4:30pm – It’s time to see each other for the first time! You will have a first look with your love and some time to just take everything in together, all the emotions and excitement for your incoming vows, before heading to your gorgeous ceremony location. 

4:45pm – Drive to your ceremony location. 

5:00pm – Now is the moment you have been waiting for! To tell your love how you feel and get married!!

5:20pm – We’ll do some portraits here before heading to the second location for some more photos and a cute little picnic set up.

6:00pm – Drive to the second location.

6:15pm – We arrive at a gorgeous little picnic set up on the beach and you enjoy a moment to relax together eating all your favourite foods!

6:45pm – It’s time for some sunset portraits. Imagine running on the beach, dipping your toes in the water and truly loving life with your soulmate. 

7:30pm – The sun is setting, so you can cuddle up near the fire to roast marshmallows or dance by fire-light. 

8:00pm – The adventure comes to an end and you head back to your accommodation. 

Two Day Adventure:

The best of both worlds. An intimate ceremony with family on day one and on the second day saying private vows with the love of your life in an epic location!

Day One:

2:00pm – I arrive at your stunning Airbnb as your hair and makeup artist do their finishing touches. I can capture all of your details; flowers, rings, veil, perfume! Anything you’d like captured and remembered from your big day. You’re excited to help each other get ready and for the adventure to begin, let’s do this!

4:30pm – It’s time to drive to your ceremony location which is on a cliff overlooking the ocean. 

5:15pm – Your family is there, ready to witness this magical moment in your lives! It’s time to say ‘I do’! You decide to share short and sweet vows but keep longer ones for a private ceremony tomorrow.

5:45pm – Your ceremony concludes and you have some family photos taken at the picturesque location.  

6:15pm – You all head back to the Airbnb which has a stunning long table set up for a reception under fairy lights. I’ll be there, ready] to capture all of the beautiful details! 

6:45pm – You both take to the dance floor for your first dance, underneath the fairy lights, surrounded by your closest family and friends. 

7:45pm – Bask in the love and joy as your nearest and dearest give a speech and raise a glass to your exciting future ahead!

8:25pm – Conclude the evening underneath the stars and get some well-deserved rest after a fantastic day. 

Day Two: 

You got to celebrate with your family yesterday, and today is all about you and your love story. You choose to hike to an INCREDIBLE lookout in the mountains to say your vows at sunset.

4:00pm – We start at the base of the hiking trail, stopping along the way for some photos and to appreciate the beautiful surroundings around you.  

5:00pm – Arriving at the top of the mountain, you help each other get dressed and prepare for your vows.

5:30pm – Now’s the time to speak from your heart and share your intimate vows with each other. 

6:45pm – You can take the time to explore the mountain peak together, watching the sunset over the horizon and enjoying your first complete day as newlyweds. 

7:30pm – Once the sun has set, we can start to head back down the mountain, enjoying the newlywed high! 

Epic Adventure Elopement

Do you want your day to be full of adventure? Then here is an example for you! I have based it off an elopement shoot I did at the Grampians.

5:00am – Arrive at the car park and start hiking to get to the summit for sunrise.

6:30am – Once we arrive at the top, you can both start to help each other get dressed.

7:00am – As the sun starts to rise, it’s time to say your vows and exchange rings as you’re bathed in a beautiful, warm glow of light. 

7:30am – Now, we make the most of this incredible location and take your stunning photographs! 

8:30am – We make our way back down the mountain and head back to the accommodation. 

Break to have a nap/ rest before meeting later in the day.

2:15pm – I arrive at your Airbnb, your details are out ready to be photographed as you’re enjoying a nice cuppa together. I’ll capture all the details and you relax together before you write in your vow books. 

3:00pm – It’s time to head to Hollow Mountain!

3:45pm – We arrive at the bottom of Hollow Mountain, an incredible place that you need to see to believe! The hike up to the summit begins! 

5:00pm – Once we arrive at the top, just wait until you see the view! You can help each other get dressed if you haven’t already. 

6:00pm – Now it’s photo time!! We explore the incredible rock formations and watch the sunset over the beautiful landscape. 

7:30pm – We head back down to the car.

Short and Sweet 3 hours:

This example is for couples wanting a short and sweet day at an easy to get to location. You won’t have your full story told, but all the best moments.

4:45pm – We arrive at your ceremony location, meet the celebrant and get all the legalities done!

5:15pm – It’s time to say ‘I do’!! 

5:45pm – Picnic time! Enjoy some of your favourite foods together and delight in the moment with your love. 

6:30pm – We explore the location as the sun lowers in the sky, creating that beautiful golden glow. 

7:30pm – The sunsets for the first time as a married couple. We can take photos during blue hour and play with sparklers! 

7:50pm – Our adventure comes to an end as we return back to the car. 

If you’re planning an elopement and still don’t know how much time you need then don’t stress! I’m here to help and guide you along the way!


June 18, 2022

Elopement Timeline Ideas

Rochelle Hansen

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