Each and every love story is different and unique. There are no two relationships that are the same and through the beauty of love languages, deeper connections can be established and blossom between two people. The power of love languages is that they acknowledge and value the various ways that you both experience and communicate your love. 

Additionally, love languages can inspire you to be more deliberate and considerate in your displays of affection with your partner (and also the close loved ones in your life!). They encourage you to carefully listen and observe your loved ones in order to tailor their love expressions intentionally. 

Having an understanding and incorporating elements of your and your partner’s love language can only further enhance the significance and romanticism of your wedding day! 

Keep reading for some of our favourite suggestions for each of the five love languages and how to include them in your special day. 

1. Acts of Service

If you find acts of service particularly charming, you could consider doing something special for your partner such as cooking their favourite breakfast on your wedding morning or even doing one of their beloved hobbies such as hiking, bike riding, or organising a massage or spa day in preparation for your big day!

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And the fun doesn’t stop there! During your wedding day, you could also do something special for them, such as arranging for a surprise gift or a special moment during the reception such as a live performance of their favourite song, fireworks or even organising an epic surprise accommodation for your wedding night! 

2. Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, consider taking a moment (or a few!) during the wedding day to spend some loved-up, one on one time together. Not only is this a beautiful way to be present in the moment, but it lets you share in the excitement and embrace the emotions you’re both experiencing.

This could be something simple like having a first look or a private moment after the ceremony, but could also be spending your entire morning together, having private vows or even sharing your first dance alone.

You could also plan a special activity for just the two of you after the wedding, such as a romantic dinner, or weekend getaway or book an activity that’s been on your bucket list while you’re away on your honeymoon!

3. Physical Touch

Incorporating elements of physical touch is a beautiful way to enhance the romantic and intimate atmosphere on your wedding day. Simply holding hands during your ceremony and throughout your day is a sweet gesture to show your love and affection.

You can also have a private first dance as well as one with all of your loved ones! And don’t forget to take advantage of small moments throughout your day where you can stop to hold and hug your partner and embrace all of the wonderful and heartwarming emotions you feel! 

However, you could also take it a step further and incorporate alternative ceremony ideas into your day such as handfasting. If you’re interested in knowing some additional ceremony ideas, check out some of our favourite suggestions here.

4. Words of Affirmation

If you or your partner are moved by words of affirmation, pour your heart onto the page and consider writing your own personal vows or writing love letters to exchange with your partner before the ceremony.

You can also write a speech and hold a toast for your beloved during your ceremony to express your love, joy and adoration.

And don’t forget about your wedding programs or decor! This is a beautiful opportunity to include any of your favourite quotes or romantic poems and share these cherished words with your loved ones. 

5. Receiving/Giving Gifts

If your heart swells at the idea of giving/receiving gifts, consider exchanging a thoughtful gift before or during your wedding day, such as jewellery, artwork, or any other sentimental items.

You could also incorporate your love of gift-giving into the wedding day by providing thoughtful favours for your guests as a token of your love and appreciation! Finally, you could also choose to make a donation to your charity of choice.

If you’re looking for some gift ideas, check out our helpful ideas for wedding gifts here! 

At their very core, love languages are simple, but effective ways to express your love and appreciation that hold great significance to both your partner and your relationship. By incorporating your love languages into your wedding day, you can create a truly memorable and meaningful celebration of your love! So, give it a go and see what you can include on your wedding day!


April 16, 2023

Including Love Languages into Your Wedding

Rochelle Hansen

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