There are so many decisions to be made surrounding your special day, it can be such an exciting but daunting experience! Arguably one of the biggest decisions that you make as a couple is how your wedding day is going to play out: What is our wedding going to look like? What’s important to us? How do we create the wedding celebration of our dreams? 

And I really want to stress this before continuing, but I promise that there are no right or wrong ways in how you choose to create and experience your wedding day! Everyone is different, and that is the beauty of working with couples and capturing their unique love stories! 

With the rising interest surrounding elopements, they are quickly becoming a favoured choice with many couples. Long gone are the days where couples sneak off in secret and wed in Las Vegas (though, if that’s your dream, I’m all about it!) Elopements are becoming a sanctuary for those who potentially want to forgo the big parties and elaborate venues and incorporate elements that speak to the essence of their love. And we are so blessed to have many different elopement locations in this beautiful country! If you’re interested in seeking out some elopement locations in Victoria, I would highly recommend checking out this list for potential options. (Best Places to Elope in Victoria – Eloping Australia)

So, I can hear you asking – How do I know if an elopement is right for me?

And for some couples, it can be quite simple! A big wedding celebration with a large group of loved ones in a traditional setting is their immediate choice and something they’ve always envisioned. For others, their hearts are more focused on chasing sunsets with their significant other within an intimate setting. Elopements offer the creative freedom for those adventure seekers to build and experience a wedding day that perfectly reflects their love story. Whether that’s having your ceremony nestled away in the mountains followed by a picnic with a small group of people, or including a rock-climbing session after saying “I do.” Perhaps even jet setting off to an international location that is close to your heart. It all sounds so crazy and elaborate, but I promise it’s possible! At the end of the day, the most important element of your wedding day is you! And your dreams can become a reality! How incredibly exciting is that?! 

If you’ve always envisioned an outdoor wedding or wanted to include elements of nature within your celebration, but weren’t too sure how to go about it, an elopement might be for you! Whether you’re embracing your newest chapter as a married couple by the sea or hiking into the mountain-tops of a national park to say your vows (permits in hand, of course!) your elopement would be an adventure tailored perfectly for you and your love! And it’s important to remember that an elopement doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to invite guests, on the contrary! You can include close friends and family in your elopement and what that looks like on your day is completely up to you! Obviously, in comparison to a traditional wedding, elopements do intentionally have smaller guest lists which allow for the freedom and flexibility to socialise and engage with each guest! 

If you’ve always dreamed of a large wedding with multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen, then an elopement might not necessarily be for you (and that’s okay!) After all, could you imagine walking 150+ people up a mountain or trying to organise travel arrangements for 200 guests to attend a destination elopement? Traditional weddings tend to follow a thoroughly planned timeline too, which can be incredibly appealing to some couples who might have activities planned, one-on-one time with their photographer, speeches, etc. 

So whether you decide to stick to the traditional wedding structure or you choose to explore the elopement route, the most important thing to remember is this is your special day! I’m a firm believer that if you stay true to yourselves and create a comfortable environment for your celebrations, you’ll be well on your way to creating a wedding day you’ll never forget! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’m more than happy to chat further and answer any potential questions or queries that you might have!


February 17, 2022

Is an Elopement Right for Me?

Rochelle Hansen

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