I was 8 years old when I first remember holding a camera. I had stolen Dad’s camera to take silly videos with my sister! (He wasn’t very happy! haha)

Fast forward to me at 17, dreaming of a career in fashion design and leaving the countryside for city lights and endless dreams. I convinced my parents to let me move high school to follow my dreams!

Well… I enrolled in a photography class while I was there and after one class, my dreams completely changed! I quickly fell in love with photography and my AMAZING parents encouraged me to follow this passion and bought me my very first camera!

I studied photography for two years at high school and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Photography at Australia’s leading photographic institute, Photography Studies College. I was OBSESSED. My life was full of photoshoots. I remember my teachers actually telling me that I didn’t need to do quite so many shoots haha!

When my friends were going out partying, I was either taking photos, or I was working to save money for new gear and new experiences.

Camera in hand, ready to explore the world!”

While studying, I was also working as a second shooter for wedding photographers, shooting behind the scenes at Melbourne Fashion Week, learning from a videography mentor and doing literally ANYTHING to ensure my dreams would become reality.

After finishing my studies I was fortunate enough to go on some pretty EPIC adventures, all thanks to photography. I was invited to Iceland for 2 months to do an art residency, I trekked through the Himalayas gifting people photographs of themselves (most had never owned a photo before), I worked with refugees in Cambodia, documenting their stories, and I travelled to Northern Kenya to work with BeadWORKS, a small organisation dedicated to empowering women. I am really passionate about using my skills as a photographer to spread awareness and to help people.

Between trips, I chose to work in the commercial world to build on my videography skills and learn as much as I could. Although it was rewarding learning new skills and working with big clients, I wasn’t passionate about the work that I was doing. I was itching to document real people, real stories and to create beautiful imagery. This was when I decided to follow the path of wedding photography, and I have never looked back!

I am OBSESSED with capturing real, candid moments and I am beyond thankful every single day that I get to do this for a living.


September 1, 2021

My journey to becoming a wedding photographer

Rochelle Hansen

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