When you fantasised about your wedding, what was it that you were manifesting? A beautiful, elegant outfit? Perhaps it was dancing the night away at a stunning venue? Or even your colour scheme and floral choices? It definitely would’ve involved marrying the love of your life.

But did you give much thought to how many people would be invited to your big day? Does a large wedding surrounded by all of your family and friends, and their partners in a celebration of your love sound appealing? Or perhaps something a little more intimate, just a select circle of loved ones?

It’s okay if you haven’t given it much thought, I know it wasn’t something I considered when conjuring up an idea of my dream wedding either! 

But that does leave me with two simple but complex words for you: Guest List. 

I encourage you to sit down with your partner and have a conversation about your wedding day and the expectations surrounding the guest list. By curating a rough copy, it can not only help you identify what size to anticipate but can make the planning process moving forward tremendously easier when touring venues and contacting wedding vendors. (Remember, this is only a rough draft. Nothing is set in stone, and changes can be made!)

Below is a list of the potential pros and cons associated with each wedding size to help you decide which works best for your special day. As well as some potential venue examples for Victorian-based weddings suited to your wedding size! 

Go big, aim high! 

(150+ guests)

If you’ve always dreamed of having an extravagant, over-the-top wedding surrounded by all of your loved ones then a large wedding is a perfect fit. This will allow you to bask in the joy and happiness of marital bliss with all the individuals that have had an impact on your life: extended family members, childhood friends, work colleagues or even the lovely neighbours you’ve fostered a beautiful friendship with! The most important thing is you’re saying “I do” in front of everyone that you couldn’t imagine getting married without.

If you’ve envisioned a large-scale wedding, it’s important to remember they tend to require a little more planning and can be costly. However, by securing high-quality vendors in advance and selecting a venue that can efficiently accommodate a bigger wedding size, you will be on your way to creating the wedding day of your dreams!

Guaranteed benefits:

  • With a spacious venue, you have the room to include grand elements! A photo booth, perhaps? An extravagant champagne pour or even an outdoor attraction like fireworks or a paper lantern release!
  • You’ll easily meet the minimum spending set by vendors and/or venues.
  • With a big guest list comes an even bigger support network. Many individuals would be eager to lend a helping hand!

(Have you considered Tatra Receptions, All Smiles Sorrento or Mansion Hotel & Spa?)

A happy medium!

(50 – 150 guests)

For some couples, a medium-sized wedding is the perfect middle ground for their big day! Whilst there are no restrictions of a tight guest list, there is still the opportunity to have those intimate, one-on-one moments with your guests without having to make cuts to keep numbers small. 

Guaranteed benefits:

  • With a smaller number of guests in comparison to a big wedding, there will be more flexibility with venues as you won’t need as large of a space.
  • You can still have the energy and atmosphere of a large wedding without the higher cost. There will still be numbers to encourage others to dance and celebrate during your reception!

(Have you considered Chateau Wyuna, Lake House Daylesford or The Shearing Shed?)

Small & Intimate!

(2 – 50 guests)

An emerging trend that is becoming more prominent is small weddings or ‘micro-weddings.’ These small, intimate weddings allow you to truly experience your special day in a setting amongst your immediate family and friends. Whether that’s a select group of your choosing or just you and your partner, a micro-wedding allows you the opportunity to take a step back and experience your special day within your little bubble of love without the pressure of a crowd.

Whilst it can be difficult to handle those disappointed with not making the guest list, it’s important to remember this is your special day and your choices as a couple should be respected. And fear not! With photographers and videographers, you’ll have a beautiful way to share your wedding day with your loved ones.

Guaranteed benefits:

  • Smaller weddings provide more creative freedom! Perhaps you love to DIY, or you’d love to have personalised table settings and gifts for your intimate guest list. You can create unique details and customise your wedding until your heart is content!
  • There is no anxiety surrounding greeting and conversing with every guest! With an intimate group, you’re provided with the ability to spend more time with those closest to you without abiding by a strict schedule!
  • Naturally, with a smaller guest list comes a smaller cost. The benefit of this is being able to allocate your funds elsewhere, whether that’s your dream dress, a destination wedding or potentially even your honeymoon. Ultimately, the priority can be quality over quantity! 

(Have you considered The Little Church, Tanglewood Estate or Potters Receptions?)

There are many elements involved in the planning and preparation of your big day, it can feel quite overwhelming having so many options available! Even more so when you’re unsure of the size of your guest list. 

Ultimately, whether you decide to have a big, medium or micro-wedding being surrounded by your loved ones as you make a lifelong commitment to your sweetheart it is guaranteed to be incredibly special. 

Have more questions about planning a wedding or wedding photography? I would love to hear from you! Send me an email and let’s make magic happen!


December 15, 2021

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: What Wedding Size is Right for You?

Rochelle Hansen

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