All couples that I work with get the right to make an unlimited number of copies of their images. So why should they pay me to print their images when they can get them done so much cheaper at Officeworks or BigW? 

The problem with cheap printers like Officeworks is that they print on low-quality paper that will fade and the colours are also not true to what you see on the screen. I work with an amazing printer who specialises in wedding and portrait printing. What you see on the screen is what you will get. 

Some of the main differences


  • Images will fade
  • Not true to colour
  • Can often come out with printer lines across images
  • Paper can buckle over time

Professional Printer

  • Uses water-based inks that are environmentally friendly
  • Test printing to ensure images are true to colour
  • Photographic paper designed to last
  • Acid-free paper
  • Greater contrast, and deeper blacks
  • Have an archival rating of up to 150 years.

When you pay a photographer to print your images, you are ensuring that you will get high-quality prints that look as good printed as they do on the screen.

Personally, my printing process involves test printing to ensure that your images are as beautiful as they can possibly be!

I have framed examples in my studio so if you would like to see examples before printing just send me an email!


July 2, 2021

Professional Prints vs Officeworks

Rochelle Hansen

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