When it comes to choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet, there are many different things to consider. From aesthetics to colour, shape, and sentimentality, there are countless options to choose from. However, flower symbolism can also be an incredible factor to consider!

Now, if you’re wondering, “What on earth is flower symbolism?” please keep reading! 

Flowers have long been associated with different meanings and intents, often being a vessel used to convey emotions to people. Back in Victorian times, flowers actually allowed people to subtly confess their true feelings. Thus, the term floriography was born! (And I think I’ve officially found my new favourite word because how pretty is it?!) 

Throughout history, different cultures have assigned different meanings to all types of flowers. By taking these meanings into consideration for your wedding day, you can choose flowers that not only look beautiful but also convey a meaningful message that resonates with you and your partner.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite flower choices and the beautiful meanings behind their delicate petals! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Roses

A classic wedding choice, roses are globally associated as the flower of love and passion, particularly the red rose. However, with the beautiful array of colours, roses can have very different meanings.

White roses are a perfect inclusion for your wedding as they represent new beginnings, hope and innocence which can be a beautiful outlook to have on your wedding day.

Pink roses are associated with happiness, admiration and grace—all of which are wonderful qualities that you might want to express on your special day.

Finally, the purple rose is rising in popularity not only because of its stunning hue but also as a representation of enchantment, love and adoration. 

2. Tulips

Tulips can make a beautiful inclusion in your wedding bouquet with their bright-coloured petals and unique shapes, but tulips also hold a beautiful meaning of “the perfect love,” with ties to Turkish and Persian legends. The tulip is also one of the very first flowers to bloom in spring, representing the beauty of new beginnings.

3. Sunflowers

With bright yellow petals and a striking resemblance to the sun, sunflowers are a beautiful and vibrant inclusion to any wedding bouquet! Sunflowers are associated with love and devotion in many cultures due to the fact that they often try to follow the sun throughout the day. With this idea of unwavering faithfulness, sunflowers are also regarded as symbols of warmth, joy and happiness! 

4. Daisies

With their delicate frame, daisies are a popular and versatile choice for any wedding bouquet. With intricate ties to many traditions, daisies symbolise hope, optimism and the celebration of new beginnings. So, whether you include them in your bouquet, centrepieces or other decorations, daisies are the perfect flower to mark your new adventure as a married couple!

5. Orchids

If you’re looking for a striking flower with a sweet message behind it, then you should definitely consider orchids. Adored for their intricate markings and delicate colours, orchids are also associated with resilience and perseverance due to their ability to thrive in a variety of climates (Tell that to the orchids on my window sill!) In Japanese culture, orchids represent love and beauty and are often used to represent the deepest bonds of a committed relationship. Pretty sweet, huh?

Ultimately, your wedding flower choice should be a whimsical representation of you and your personal tastes, but by giving some consideration to symbolism, you can only add a further layer of meaning to your special day. Not only will you have flowers that are visually beautiful, but they also carry heartfelt meaning and intent!

If you’re looking for alternative ways to incorporate different elements of meaning into your day, check out our blog post here for more ways to add sentimentality to your wedding!


April 23, 2023

The Meaning Behind Your Wedding Flowers

Rochelle Hansen

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