What is a vow book, and how do you incorporate vow books into your wedding day?

Whilst you’re busy in the midst of planning out your wedding day, there are many factors to consider in order to make your day as special and unique as possible. However, there is one thing that is often overlooked on many wedding days: vow books!

Vow books are beautiful keepsakes that serve as heartfelt reminders of your commitments and declarations of love that you’ll make with your partner on your special day. Crafted with a specific purpose in mind, these small books are tailor-made to serve as a vessel for your handwritten vows, offering a delightful means to safeguard and treasure them for the years ahead!

Keep reading below for more information and why you should incorporate vow books on your wedding day!

1. Showcase Your Individuality!

Vow books present an incredible opportunity to infuse your wedding ceremony with your own personalization and individuality. Unlike traditional spoken vows, vow books provide a private and intimate space where you can pour out your deepest emotions, heartfelt promises, and treasured memories. Whether you opt for your favourite poetic verses, heartfelt prose, or recounts of whimsical memories, the pages of your vow books can beautifully capture and reflect the unique essence of your relationship!

2. Creating a Private Moment

Amidst the whirlwind of activities on your wedding day, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. However, vow books offer a precious sanctuary of intimacy and privacy in the midst of this chaos. Within these books, you create a serene and personal realm where you and your partner can wholeheartedly express your love, hopes, and aspirations for the future. On the morning of your wedding, you can seize a precious moment to come together and write your vows into the pages of these books creating a memorable and sweet moment on your wedding day! 

3. An Everlasting Memory

Vow books are able to transform and become everlasting mementos, cherished far beyond your wedding day. They serve as tangible embodiments of the promises exchanged, highlighting the depths of your love and unwavering commitment to each other. These books have the potential to be passed down and treasured for generations, transforming into cherished heirlooms that bear witness to your own love story. How sweet is that?!

4. Adding Additional Magic to Your Ceremony

By incorporating vow books into your wedding ceremony, you can infuse an additional layer of beauty and significance into this magical occasion. The act of opening the vow books and reading your heartfelt promises aloud symbolises the beginning of your new adventure, creating a lasting impression upon both you and any guests in attendance.

Bonus Tip: If you find yourself grappling with a fear of public speaking or experiencing anxiety about your speaking role in the ceremony, vow books are your best friend! By having your vows pre-written within the book’s pages, you can read them directly, granting you the confidence to effectively express your profound love and adoration.

So, if you’re considering the idea of incorporating vow books into your wedding day, this is your sign to do so! They stand as eternal reminders of the love and promises exchanged between you and your partner and provide a beautiful, personalised touch to your special day!

Have the vow books, but now need to secure the vows? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top tips for writing your own heartfelt vows that will be sure to wow the love of your life. 


May 21, 2023

What are Vow Books?

Rochelle Hansen

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