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Welcome to the enchanting realm of Iceland, where the marriage of fire and ice creates a landscape unlike any other. From the ancient cascading waterfalls, volcanic fields and vast glacial vistas, this epic country has become a haven for couples seeking an elopement experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 

Picture your dream ceremony tucked away in the serene fjords or embark on an epic adventure featuring ice caving, horseback riding, or kayaking beneath the midnight sun—Iceland features a collection of unique landscapes, accommodations, and activities that will suit each and every couple!

Having been lucky enough to experience the surreal beauty of Iceland, we set out to explore not just the "go-to" spots, but also stumbled upon some hidden gems. Along the way, we had the incredible joy of working with our couples, capturing their love stories amidst Iceland's stunning landscapes. Now, drawing from these personal experiences, we're thrilled to open our treasure trove of favourite locations. Let this guide be your companion in uncovering the perfect setting for your dream elopement in Iceland.

Where will you choose to elope?

Top elopement locations in Iceland

So, let the adventure begin!

What to Consider When Eloping in Iceland:

A Legal Ceremony vs. A Symbolic Ceremony

When considering an elopement, couples often find themselves with the decision between a legal ceremony and a symbolic one. 

Think of a legal ceremony as the official, legally recognised marriage that happens on your elopement day with a celebrant and witnesses. (If you're going for an intimate vibe without guests, we've got you covered—we can be your witnesses!)

Now, a symbolic ceremony? That's the heartfelt, love-filled ceremony without the official paperwork. Maybe you're doing it this way because it feels right for you. For couples going the symbolic route, they usually sort out the legal side either before or after the big day, with the help of a celebrant or even just doing it yourself online. Your love story, your way!

From experience with our couples who've chosen to elope in Iceland, many decide to take care of the legalities before arriving for their intimate celebration. This approach ensures that although they may not be officially married on the day of their elopement, they can fully immerse themselves in the moment without any pressure or stress related to paperwork.

What’s the difference?

Elopement Legal Requirements in iceland

For those who are set on the beautiful idea of legally eloping in Iceland, that can definitely be your reality. But it’s important to be aware of certain legal prerequisites.
Firstly, both parties should be 18 years or older and not presently married. 

You will require either a celebrant, priest or an officiant in attendance for your elopement day. They will also be able to help guide you through the paperwork process to ensure your marriage is legally binding. 

A pivotal step in this process is submitting a Marriage Notification known as Hjónavígsluskýrsla. This form should be completed by yourself, your partner and your chosen officiant. 

You will also be required to have the following documents available: 

  • Marriage Notification (Hjónavígsluskýrsla)
  • Original Birth Certificates
  • Valid Passports
  • Certificate of Marital Status (to confirm you’re not already married)
  • Divorce Degrees or Widow Certificates (if applicable) 
  • Confirmation of Travel (Plane tickets with entry and exit date, etc.) 

The Best Time of Year to Elope in iceland

  • Iceland's winter brings colder temperatures, averaging between -2 to 3°C (28-37°F), offering a snow-covered wonderland for elopements. With limited daylight, couples can exchange vows beneath the enchanting starry skies, making for a truly magical experience. While temperatures can be chilly, the pristine snowscapes and the cozy warmth of indoor venues create a unique and intimate setting for winter elopements in Iceland. And don’t forget about the glorious beauty of the Northern Lights! 

  • Popular Activities: Snowmobiling, ice-skating, hot springs, ice fishing, ice-caving.

Winter: (DEC - FEB)

From coastal breezes to snowy mountain vistas, each season in Iceland adds its own flair. Keep reading as we break down what to expect when tying the knot in Iceland's ever-changing climate. 
  • Iceland's summer offers eloping couples mild temperatures ranging from 10 to 15°C (50-59°F). With around 24 hours of daylight thanks to the Midnight Sun, ceremonies can be both practical and ethereal.
    Be prepared for some unpredictability, and occasional rain showers, but embrace the stunning landscapes with all the additional daylight! 

    *It’s important to note that summer is peak tourist season. 

  • Popular Activities: ATV tour, kayaking, swimming, puffin watching. Did you know it is possible to go ice-caving in summer too?

Summer (JUN - AUG)
  • Iceland's autumn sees temperatures between 5 to 10°C (41-50°F). With shorter days and changing foliage, eloping couples can enjoy a crisp, moody atmosphere. While weather can be variable, the striking contrast of vibrant fall colours against volcanic landscapes offers a captivating backdrop for intimate ceremonies at iconic locations like waterfalls and black sand beaches.

  • Popular Activities: Harvest tour, helicopter ride, river rafting. 
  • Iceland's spring brings temperatures from 0 to 8°C (32-46°F). As the landscape emerges from winter, eloping couples can enjoy budding vegetation, thawing ice, and flowing waterfalls. With longer days and picturesque scenes, spring offers a fresh and captivating setting for intimate ceremonies against Iceland's unique volcanic backdrop.

  • Popular Activities: Biking, hiking, horse riding, whale watching.

Autumn: (Sept - NOV)

Spring (MAR - MAY)

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Welcome to the enchanting South of Iceland, a stone's throw away from Reykjavik, where your elopement dreams come to life! Picture this: rugged cliffs, dramatic waterfalls, black sand beaches, and glaciers—nature's perfect stage for your epic ceremony.

Keep in mind that certain locations in Iceland have designated walking paths and restricted areas to protect the stunning flora and fauna. We're committed to a zero-trace philosophy, so please remember to leave these awe-inspiring locations just as pristine as you discovered them!

South Iceland



Reynisfjara, one of Iceland's most iconic black sand beaches, offers a truly unique and enchanting backdrop for your special day. Imagine saying your vows against the dramatic contrast of black sands colliding with the roaring waves, with towering basalt columns. (If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a puffin or two flying overhead!)

The powerful surf and ever-changing tides add to the allure of this unique location, but it's so important to prioritise safety first. Be sure to check weather conditions and tide schedules to ensure a smooth celebration, allowing you to fully immerse yourselves in the extraordinary atmosphere without any unexpected surprises.

Eloping at Skogafoss in Iceland offers a captivating and majestic backdrop for couples seeking a unique and intimate ceremony. Being one of the largest waterfalls in the country, its presence is breathtaking, but it also means that it’s quite a popular destination for tourists. 

The misty atmosphere and dramatic surroundings create a romantic and intimate setting, creating the perfect mood for your wedding ceremony. The sheer scale of the waterfall, framed by the Icelandic landscape makes it one of the most iconic and well-known destinations in the south. 

One of our favourite aspects? Whenever the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, the abundant spray generated by the cascade ensures the magical presence rainbows!  

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This is a favourite hidden gem of ours! Off the beaten track so that you can have an intimate ceremony with just you, your love and an amazing waterfall!

If you’re looking for the same wow factor as Skogafoss, but with less foot traffic, then Gluggafoss might be the perfect spot for you! Also known as Merkjárfoss, tucked away in a gorge on the Merkjadara River, this waterfall is characterised by a series of holes formed in the rocks, giving it its name, which means 'window waterfall' in Icelandic. 

Getting to Gluggafoss involves a short hike, which adds a small touch of adventure to your elopement experience! As you plan your special day here (or anywhere in Iceland for that matter), keep the weather conditions in mind, and consider the quieter atmosphere that this hidden gem offers for a more personal and memorable elopement surrounded by Iceland's natural beauty. 


For couples seeking an elopement destination that combines the raw beauty of nature with a touch of adventure, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall stands as a symbol of Iceland's untamed charm! 

Cascading from a height of 60 meters, this powerful waterfall is a mesmerizing spectacle as it plunges into a serene pool below. What sets Seljalandsfoss apart is its distinct feature – a cavernous alcove behind the cascading water, allowing adventurous souls to walk behind the falls! Pretty cool, right? 

Katla Geopark

Ready for an epic Icelandic elopement haven nestled in the land of fire and ice? Katla Geopark is a geological wonder, dominated by the formidable presence of Katla, one of Iceland's most active volcanoes. 

As you embark on your elopement journey, you'll find yourself in a landscape sculpted by the forces of nature – from glaciers to volcanic mountains and striking black sand. The contrasting elements of ice and fire provide an other-wordly landscape for you to explore. 

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Carved by the relentless forces of nature, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon presents a captivating blend of steep cliffs, winding streams, and lush greenery. 

A short walk from the car park, you follow the trail along the canyon and are surrounded by sweeping panoramic views. Fjaðrárgljúfur's features some unique rocky formations, shaped by the forces of glaciers and rivers over many centuries. While it has increased in popularity over the years, its remote location still allows couples to share an intimate moment against a backdrop of unspoiled Icelandic wilderness.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

When you picture Iceland, do you envision big icebergs and colossal glaciers with icy waters? If the answer is yes, then add Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon to your list right now!  

Picture this: A serene lagoon dotted with majestic icebergs, floating gracefully against a backdrop of rugged mountains and vast glaciers. Jökulsárlón, which translates as "glacial river lagoon," is a testament to the sheer beauty of this incredible country. 

This unbelievable landscape promises not only a memorable ceremony but an entire experience that will leave you and your partner with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Diamond Beach

Only a stone’s throw away from Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is the magical location known as the Diamond Beach. Diamond Beach is a unique and captivating elopement location, affectionately getting its name from the glistening icebergs that wash ashore from the glacier. 

The beach is a stunning contrast of black volcanic sand and crystal-clear ice chunks scattered along the shoreline, creating a surreal and otherworldly atmosphere. These ice formations, resembling glistening diamonds, create a picturesque backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable elopement ceremony.

Timing is everything at this location, the best moments for a ceremony are during sunrise or sunset, when the golden light bathes the landscape, illuminating everything in a soft ethereal glow.


Þórsmörk, nestled in the rugged landscapes of Iceland, offers an elopement destination that seamlessly blends raw nature. Named after the Norse god Thor, Þórsmörk, pronounced "Thorsmork," translates to Thor's Woodland—a very fitting name for this incredible valley!

Featuring towering cliffs, moss-covered hills, and glacial rivers, it is an ideal setting for a day filled with natural wonders and for those seeking adventure on their elopement day! Accessible by four-wheel drive or hiking through the Fimmvörðuháls pass, Þórsmörk sits between the glaciers Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull. 

Due to rugged terrain and weather conditions, it’s important to note that this location is only accessible during the summer months. 

Dyrholaey Cliffs

Perched on the southern coast, Dyrholaey Cliffs boasts panoramic views of the black sand beaches below and the vast expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean. With a large bridge-like rock formation, it’s known as the arch with a hole. (Its name translates to “the hill island with the door hole.”) 

While wandering around this beautiful place, there is also a lighthouse set 120m above water level with sweeping views of the surrounding areas.

What sets Dyrholaey apart is its versatility – whether you choose to exchange rings at sunrise with the cliffs bathed in golden light or under the hues of a sunset, each moment feels uniquely yours amidst this breathtaking landscape. 


Situated on the southeastern coast, Vestrahorn stands tall, its iconic peaks mirrored in the black sands below. This rugged backdrop provides a striking and untamed setting for exchanging vows.
Unlike some of the more popular tourist spots, Vestrahorn offers a quieter and more personal experience, allowing you to immerse yourselves in the raw power of nature without the crowds.

If you’re looking for somewhere with endless space to run, explore and wander with your partner, Vestrahorn is a vast landscape with plenty to see including the Viking village that features in popular many films and television shows.  

Hit the road for about 8 hours from Reykjavik, and you'll land in East Iceland – a beautiful mix of rugged beauty and hidden spots that set the scene for a magical elopement experience. Go off the grid and soak in the quiet charm of sprawling valleys and waterfalls, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration.

Transform your elopement day into an epic adventure! Whether you're enjoying a private picnic with breathtaking views or having some incredible photos taken with the jaw-dropping landscapes, this region is home to some incredible locations for your Iceland elopement!




Lagarfljót, tucked away in the heart of Iceland's rugged landscape, is an ideal spot for couples seeking a unique and memorable elopement. Whether you're intrigued by the local Lagarfljót Wyrm legend or simply drawn to its serene atmosphere, this narrow lake comes with a bonus – a stunning backdrop of Iceland’s largest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur!

Picture this: in the early summer months of June and July, the whole area bursts into vibrant hues with the bloom of purple lupins. These flowers dot the lake's shores and surrounding forests, truly making a magical backdrop for your elopement!

For couples in search of an amazing and epic adventure, Hengifoss is an absolute must-consider for your elopement plans. This incredible waterfall, soaring to a height of 128 meters, forms a majestic backdrop for exchanging vows that will undoubtedly be etched in your memories. The thrilling hike leading to Hengifoss, though a bit challenging, adds an adventurous touch to your journey!

As the third-largest waterfall in the country, the ascent through vibrant landscapes is nothing short of incredible. Take in the breathtaking views of the falls and the unique red clay layers that tell the geological story of this region.

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Studlagil Canyon

Studlagil Canyon is an exciting choice for couples wanting a unique backdrop for their special day in Iceland. This hidden gem showcases impressive basalt column walls and striking riverbeds, creating a visually striking setting for your elopement. 

Accessible in the summer months with a 4-wheel drive, the journey to Studlagil Canyon adds a bit of adventure to your experience. After arriving at the car park, you will find paths leading you to the heart of this geological wonder. It's a cool and unconventional spot to tie the knot in the heart of Iceland's natural charm.

Laugavellir Hot Natural Waterfall

If you’re seeking an epic Iceland landscape as well as an activity rolled into one, consider eloping at Laugavellir Hot Natural Waterfall. This hidden gem not only provides a picturesque backdrop for your vows but also offers the added perk of a natural hot spring for a post-ceremony soak!

Accessible by a scenic drive, this location combines the thrill of adventure with the relaxation of nature, making it an ideal spot for couples looking to keep things personal and laid-back on their special day. After all, what better way to kick off a new chapter in your life than with a bit of natural beauty and a rejuvenating dip in the hot springs?

Embark on an unforgettable journey in West Iceland, roughly just a 1.5-hour drive from the vibrant capital, Reykjavik. This region promises a serene and off-the-beaten-track adventure, steering clear of the tourist crowds that often flock to South Iceland.

In West Iceland, you'll discover landscapes that are nothing short of breathtaking, adorned with cascading waterfalls, majestic volcanoes, and captivating coastal scenery. It's an ideal haven for couples looking to escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in the extraordinary for an elopement experience that feels truly otherworldly! The tranquillity of West Iceland allows for a more intimate connection with nature and with your love.



Langjökull Glacier

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Reykjavik, the beating heart of Iceland, is not your average capital – it's a buzzing city home to over 120,000 locals, a quirky blend of creatives, and adventure enthusiasts alike! Now, while many lovebirds thinking about eloping in Iceland tend to look beyond the city lights, Reykjavik's got some hidden gems worth a glance.

Take, for instance, the Hallgrímskirkja Church – a towering beauty smack dab in the city center on Skólavörðuhæð hill. It stands tall at 74.5 meters, making it a giant on the Reykjavik skyline. Shaped like those cool hexagonal basalt columns you see scattered around, it's not your average church backdrop – it's unique, it's cool, and it could be the perfect setting for your elopement.

Now, if you're feeling a bit more lively and colourful, let me introduce you to Rainbow Street (specifically called Skolavordustigur Street) Picture this: cozy stores, inviting cafes, and a whole lot of hustle and bustle. It's like the heartbeat of Reykjavik, pulsing with energy. So, whether you're vibing with the artsy church or feeling the lively Rainbow Street, Reykjavik's got some sweet spots for your one-of-a-kind celebration!

An hour’s drive from Reykjavik is Iceland’s second largest glacier known as Langjökull Glacier. This glacier is like Iceland's majestic playground, and if you're dreaming of an incredibly magical elopement, this is your spot!

Picture this: endless icy formations and sprawling snowfields, turning Langjökull into a real-life frozen wonderland just waiting for your exploration. And trust me, the surrounding ice caves are like hidden treasures – but the ever-changing nature of this icy beauty means having a savvy guide by your side is a must.

And if that's not enough, Langjökull offers something pretty cool with "Into the Glacier," the world's largest manmade ice tunnel. From snowmobiling to exploring ice tunnels and caves, this place is a hub of Arctic adventures. So, if you're keen on an elopement that's unique and thrill-seeking, Langjökull could be the spot to kick things up a notch for your celebration!

Snaefellsnes Peninsula is a bit of a hidden gem if you ask us. Just under 2-hours drive from Reykjavik, this peninsula is one of Iceland's best-kept secrets. This beautiful place is a natural wonderland, and if you're into simpler, quieter celebrations, it's got your name all over it.

You can explore the coastline, dip your toes in the black sand beaches, and even wander around the lava fields. And for a dash of adventure, sneak a peek into the cute fishing villages dotted along the way. 

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Glymur Waterfalls

Located in the fjord of Hvalfjordur, Glymur stands as Iceland’s second-largest waterfall through a narrow canyon in the western region. This place is perfect for those seeking a hiking adventure to their ceremony location! (Make sure you bring sturdy shoes!)  

Around a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik, you will find the sign for Glymur car park. Once parked, the hike to the waterfall is roughly 3.5 hours, but wow, is it a worthwhile adventure! Immersed amid nature, the track will take you through various sites including the cave of Thvottahellir. 

Be aware though that this hike will require you to cross a river via a log and rope assistance. However, this log is only drawn from Spring through to Autumn, so please don’t make any attempts in the wintertime. 


Kirkjufell, also known as “Church Mountain,” is a beautiful location based on the north coast of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. This mountain is one of the most photographed mountains in all of Iceland due to its unique shape and stunning surrounding scenery. 

At the base of Kirkjefella tranquil lake that turns into a mirror on those crystal-clear days, reflecting the mountain in all its glory. And the best part? Within strolling distance from Kirkjufell, you've got the Kirkjufellsfoss, a beautiful and serene waterfall!

If you're dreaming of tying the knot against a backdrop that's both iconic and calming, Kirkjufell and its surrounding wonders might just be your picture-perfect elopement spot!

Leave the crowds behind and step into the Northern charm of Iceland – a place where serenity meets the awe of majestic waterfalls, volcanic craters, and vast wilderness. Beyond the usual, this part of the country is like a secret hideaway with rich Norse history and untouched beauty, just waiting to be uncovered up North.

Whether you're dreaming of a quiet dip in a hidden hot spring, the thrill of standing next to a mighty waterfall, or the mysterious magic of volcanic landscapes, Northern Iceland is inviting you to craft an elopement adventure that's as unique as your love story. 

North Iceland

Asbyrgi Canyon

Dettifoss Waterfall

Situated in the northeast of Iceland, Asbyrgi Canyon is a sprawling horseshoe-shaped marvel, and locals fondly tie its creation to the mythic hoof-print of Sleipnir, the legendary eight-legged horse of Norse god Odin.

This hidden gem is encircled by towering cliffs that reach over 300 feet in height, offering an enchanting landscape with various trails to wander. Follow some of these paths, and you'll discover a serene pond named Botnstjorn nestled at the innermost end of the canyon—a tranquil spot adding to the allure of this Icelandic paradise. 

Nestled in the northeastern expanse of Iceland, Dettifoss Waterfall is a breathtaking natural spectacle that commands attention. As one of the most powerful waterfalls in all of Europe, its thundering cascade of water is a force of nature to behold. Once you’re in the area, you can hear the roar of the waterfall. 

Choosing Dettifoss for your elopement means not just embracing the wild beauty of Iceland but also navigating your way to a seriously impressive backdrop for your love story. It's not just a waterfall; it's a road trip, an adventure, and the perfect setting for a celebration that's ready to kick it up a notch! 

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Goðafoss Waterfall

Arctic Henge

Up in the northern expanses of Iceland, Godafoss Waterfall is a stellar choice for an elopement. The journey there is an adventure in itself – head northeast, and you'll uncover this beauty tucked away in the landscape. With its distinctive curved shape and multiple falls, Godafoss contributes to the formation of the fourth-largest river in Iceland.

This natural wonder, named the “Waterfall of the Gods,” is conveniently located just a short drive from the nearby town of Akureyri. Upon arrival, a brief stroll from the car park brings you up close and personal with the falls, making the entire experience easily accessible and absolutely worth the journey! 

Named "Hringvegur" in Icelandic, the Arctic Henge stands as a distinctive and captivating monument situated in Raufarhöfn, a quaint fishing village in North Iceland. 

This architectural wonder is crafted to provide visitors with a unique experience, allowing them to witness the interplay of light and shadow throughout the changing seasons, particularly during the summer and winter solstices.

Aligned with the sun's path, the monument features 72-foot-high gates symbolizing the four seasons and cardinal points. At its center lies an altar of fire and ice, designed for unique marriage ceremonies!

Central Iceland, with its vast and diverse landscapes, offers a unique and captivating setting for couples seeking an elopement that stands out. The heart of the country is adorned with otherworldly wonders like the Highlands, where dramatic lava fields, geothermal areas, and expansive glaciers create a surreal backdrop. 

With a lot of off-road adventures and river crossings, accessing central Iceland will almost always require an appropriate 4x4 vehicle to navigate with ease. 

Central Iceland


Our favourite location in the whole of Iceland! If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind backdrop, then look no further than Kerlingarfjöll.

Nestled in the interior of Iceland within the Highlands, Kerlingarfjöll is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, featuring vibrant rhyolite mountains, geothermal zones, and untouched wilderness.

This extraordinary location provides a range of trails and paths to explore, along with the added charm of steaming mud pools and hot springs. Picture this as the perfect setting for your elopement!

However, do keep in mind that the roads leading to Kerlingarfjöll can be a bit challenging, so it's crucial to stay updated on weather conditions while driving to ensure a safe and memorable journey. 

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Hidden away in the snug northwest corner lies the enchanting Westfjords. It's a place where isolation and a tight-knit community keep nature untouched and Icelandic folklore thriving.

Now, here's the catch – about a 5-hour journey from Reykjavik, the Westfjords don’t gather as much attention as other regions of Iceland. But this is where the magic happens. With its remote charm and a lack of tourist hustle, the Westfjords are the real gem, patiently waiting for adventurous souls to uncover its beauty! 

The Westfjords

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Dynjandi Waterfall

Eloping at Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in Iceland is an amazing choice for couples seeking an intimate and untamed setting for their special day. Located in the remote Westfjords, Hornstrandir is a pristine wilderness where rugged cliffs, lush valleys, and Arctic flora create a breathtaking backdrop. 

This nature reserve is also a haven for wildlife, including puffins and seals, adding an extra touch of magic to your ceremony! Adventurous couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of dramatic cliffs, overlooking the Arctic Ocean, or amid the tranquillity of a secluded valley.

Dynjandi, often referred to as the "Jewel of the Westfjords," is a majestic waterfall located in the remote and stunning Westfjords region. The name "Dynjandi" means "thunderous" in Icelandic, capturing the essence of the waterfall's powerful and awe-inspiring presence. 

Access to Dynjandi involves a scenic drive through the Westfjords, and upon arrival, a short hike leads to various viewpoints overlooking the waterfall. The remote location and the natural grandeur of Dynjandi create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, offering couples the opportunity to celebrate their love in a truly unique and breathtaking environment.

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Drangajökull Glacier

Eloping at Drangajökull, a glacier located in the Westfjords of Iceland, promises a truly unique and magical experience. Drangajökull is known for its stunning ice formations, crevasses, and pristine wilderness, providing an otherworldly setting for couples seeking an adventurous and secluded ceremony.

It's crucial, however, to be mindful of the ever-changing weather in Iceland and to prepare for various conditions on the glacier.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is a fascinating and geologically active region located in southwestern Iceland. Known for its diverse landscapes, geothermal features, and unique geological formations, the peninsula is a popular destination located closely to the Keflavik International Airport. 

The peninsula's rugged coastline is dotted with picturesque lighthouses, including the iconic Reykjanesviti. These structures not only serve as navigational aids but also offer stunning views of the surrounding seascape! 

The Reykjanes Peninsula


The Blue Lagoon


Gunnuhver is a geothermal area located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland. It is known for its powerful steam vents, boiling mud pots, and colourful mineral deposits. The area is not only a showcase of Iceland's geothermal activity but also has an intriguing folklore associated with it.

Eloping at Gunnuhver could provide a unique and dramatic backdrop for a wedding ceremony. The otherworldly landscapes, with steam rising from the ground and the vibrant colours of the mineral-rich water, create a surreal and memorable atmosphere!

Eloping at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland can be a truly enchanting and romantic experience. The Blue Lagoon is a world-renowned geothermal spa located in the Reykjanes Peninsula, close to Keflavík International Airport and Reykjavík.

The Blue Lagoon offers private experiences for couples, including private access to certain areas of the lagoon. This allows you to have an intimate ceremony with the mesmerizing geothermal waters as your backdrop.

Valahnúkur is a stunning coastal cliff located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. It's known for its dramatic landscapes, towering cliffs, and panoramic views of the North Atlantic Ocean. The contrast between the dark volcanic rocks and the blue waters makes it a visually striking location for an elopement.

Located close by is the iconic Reykjanesviti Lighthouse which offers stunning views of the surrounding coastline. It's the oldest lighthouse in Iceland and provides a picturesque backdrop to wander and explore with your love. 

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Iceland is a vast and incredible place and we can assure you that these locations barely scratch the surface. If you'd like any further guidance on finding your own unique, dream location - we've got you!

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