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Victoria is blessed to have some of the most diverse and unique landscapes in Australia—from long stretches of dreamy coastlines to panoramic mountain scapes and vast National Parks, it ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of couples choosing to elope here. 

Whether you’re searching for an intimate space or an adventurous experience, there are landscapes out there for every couple. It can be overwhelming to try and find your dream location, but that’s where we come in! 

Where will you choose to elope?

Top elopement locations in Victoria

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We have had the privilege of growing up and living in this beautiful state of Australia. We’ve explored and adventured through a great portion of it and there are truly some hidden gems that could be perfect for your special day.

We’ve also had the incredible privilege to co-craft and capture some incredible Victorian elopements with our couples, so we’ve compiled some suggestions to help narrow down your location search. 

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What to Consider When Eloping in Victoria:

A Legal Ceremony vs. A Symbolic Ceremony

When considering an elopement, couples often find themselves with the decision between a legal ceremony and a symbolic one. 

A legal ceremony is exactly as the name suggests, it’s an official and legally-recognised marriage that is conducted with a celebrant and witnesses on the day of your elopement. (Don’t stress, if you don’t want to have anyone present on your elopement day, we can be your witnesses!)  

On the other hand, a symbolic ceremony is a heartfelt expression of a couple’s love and commitment without a celebrant or any witnesses being present. This could be for a number of reasons, but couples that opt for a symbolic ceremony usually organise their marriage license before or after their elopement day, either through the help of a celebrant or just by themselves online. 

What’s the difference?

Elopement Legal Requirements in Victoria

For those daydreaming about the romantic idea of eloping in Victoria, it's crucial to be aware of certain legal prerequisites. Both parties should be 18 years or older and not presently married.

A pivotal step in this process is submitting a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). This should be done a minimum of one month before your elopement, ensuring you're following Victoria's regulations. The NOIM can be easily arranged online or with the assistance of your celebrant. Feel free to submit your NOIM as early as 18 months in advance of your intended date.

The beauty of Victoria is its flexibility – every single day of the year is available for your special moment, with no date restrictions in place for elopements.

The Best Time of Year to Elope in Victoria

  • Coastal Regions: Cool and often cloudy or rainy. Average temperatures range from 6°C to 15°C. Melbourne is known for its very unpredictable winter weather which varies significantly day-to-day. It’s the perfect weather for cosy, intimate elopements with lots of candlelight and hot chocolates! It’s also the best opportunity to warm up in the hot springs.

  • Mountainous Areas: Cold with snowfall, especially in the high-altitude areas. This is the snow season for places like Mount Buller and Falls Creek. We love to embrace a winter wonderland! Winter means foggy, moodiness with epic adventure activities like skiing, and snowboarding or ice skating! 

  • Popular Activities: Skiing, tobogganing, hot springs, cooking together

Winter: (June - Aug)

In Victoria, our climate varies greatly between our coastal and mountainous regions. Although unpredictable, here is a summary of each season and the typical weather that we expect year-round. 
  • Coastal Regions: Warm to hot temperatures, with average highs ranging from 25°C to 35°C. Short, sudden downpours are common. Summer is the perfect season for beachside elopements and outdoor ceremonies with longer days, brilliant sunsets and warm evenings.

  • Mountainous Areas: Significantly cooler than the coast, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C. Summer is the best time if you want to take advantage of the additional hours of sunlight and have an epic adventure elopement! It’s also super enjoyable weather for camping or other outdoor activities. 

  • Popular Activities: Hiking, kayaking, swimming, chasing waterfalls. 

Summer (Dec - Feb)
  • Coastal Regions: Cooler temperatures are starting to set in. Days are mild and nights can be cool. Bright, vibrant colours are starting to turn in the trees, but it’s still comfortable weather to explore and adventure outside for your elopement without being too cold. 

  • Mountainous Areas: Cooler temperatures, with increased chances of rainfall as the season progresses. The autumn colours are more vibrant and widespread in these regions, so it’s the perfect time to embrace the beautiful surroundings! Autumn is so cosy and romantic, offering the perfect weather for either an epic adventure or to be cuddled up together, enjoying each other’s company. 

  • Popular Activities: Hiking, horse-riding, hot air balloon ride. 
  • Coastal Regions: Warming up gradually, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C. Rainfall is scattered, and flowers are starting to bloom. Everything is bright and beautiful without being too warm. Spring is the perfect time to elope in the gardens and make the most of the glorious weather! 

  • Mountainous Areas: The snow begins to melt, leading to lush landscapes and flowing streams. Temperatures remain cool but start to rise as summer approaches. Spring in the mountains means one thing: wildflowers! With warmer days and cool nights, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails and venture to a panoramic mountain lookout for your elopement! 

  • Popular Activities: Biking, camping, picnics, whale watching

Autumn: (Mar - May)

Spring (Sept - Nov)

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The enchanting Great Ocean Road stretches across the southeast coast, offering a mesmerising blend of coastal landscapes. Approximately a 2-hour drive from Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road boasts many wonderful and unique locations for your elopement.
From the majestic limestone structures of the Twelve Apostles to the serene Redwoods plantation in the Otways, this iconic route hides many intimate elopement gems waiting to be uncovered. 

The great ocean road

Loch Ard Gorge

Gibson Steps

Situated between magnificent sandstone cliffs, Loch Ard Gorge is an amazing beach that looks like a scene straight out of a heartwarming romantic film. Imagine exchanging your vows and then playfully splashing in the water with your partner, or simply gazing at the serene waves from the Loch Ard Wreck lookout.

For those dreaming of an intimate elopement ceremony or the perfect place for a picnic at sunset, Loch Ard Gorge is a destination worth considering.

Gibson Steps gets its name from the 86 artfully carved steps that guide you down to its sandy shoreline. Here, you'll discover an expansive coastline with towering vertical cliffs and stretching views of the sea. 

Gibson Steps also has two unique limestone formations emerging from the ocean's depths. Affectionately named Gog and Magog, the two formations can be viewed from both the viewing platform and the beach itself. 

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Tucked away in the southeastern corner of Victoria, Wilson's Promontory, known as Yiruk Wamoon by the First Nations peoples, offers many picturesque landscapes: pristine beaches, dense rainforests, vast granite mountains, and captivating wildlife.

The seclusion of Wilson's Prom guarantees an intimate experience, far removed from the bustling city, presenting numerous secluded and private spots to explore!  

As this is a national park, you might require a permit to hold your wedding ceremony here. 

Wilsons Promortory

Squeaky Beach

Sand Dunes

Set against a backdrop of turquoise waters and distinctive granite boulders, Squeaky Beach is a beautiful secluded coastline nestled in the heart of Wilsons Prom surrounded by dense forest and sweeping views of the Bass Strait. 

Known for its fine, white quartz sand that 'squeaks' underfoot, Squeaky Beach offers a truly unique and enchanting setting for elopements. 

One of the most well-known sand dune landscapes within Wilsons Prom is known as the “Big Drift.” While it's undoubtedly a breathtaking sight, it holds immense significance for the First Nations peoples. Out of respect, it's imperative to note that this site isn't available for elopements.
But don't let that dampen your dream! Our adventures through Wilsons Prom have led us to discover a stunning alternative dune location, perfect for crafting an intimate elopement ceremony. 

With extensive research and experience, we pride ourselves on being able to provide alternative options and resources for all our couples. We collaborate closely to ensure that we can help transform your dreams into a reality.   

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Located a short drive west of Melbourne, the Grampians National Park spans an impressive 167,000 hectares, showcasing Victoria's natural splendour. This park is a treasure trove of sweeping mountain vistas, striking sandstone ridges, and cascading waterfalls. The Grampians is perfect for couples seeking unique elopement locations, all set amidst the stunning backdrop of an authentic Australian landscape.
Come springtime, the Grampians transform into what many affectionately call the "Garden of Victoria." Vibrant wildflowers carpet the grounds, creating a dreamy setting that's picture-perfect for those unforgettable moments.
Now, you might wonder—which spots are the most enchanting for elopements? Well, here's a guide to some of our all-time favourite locations!

As this is a national park, you might require a permit to hold your wedding ceremony here. 

The grampians

Hollow Mountain

Mackenzie Falls

The Balconies

Winding through trails of ancient eucalyptus trees and towering pines, the path to Hollow Mountain promises an enchanting journey. At its summit, you're greeted by awe-inspiring vistas of Mt. Stapylton and the expansive Wimmeria Plains. Picture a setting of rugged boulders, fiery-red ledges, and a cavernous hideaway—the perfect backdrop for that ethereal sunset 'I do'.
While the ascent involves a brief yet adventurous scramble over rocky terrains, the reward is absolutely worth the effort. The panoramic view will sweep you off your feet, making every step worthwhile.

Nestled amid the enchanting landscapes of The Grampians lies a hidden gem, an elopement location that truly takes your breath away. Mackenzie Falls, a magnificent waterfall surrounded by endless native flora and fauna. 
This captivating destination is accessible via a 30-minute walk and offers a year-round spectacle of flowing water. This location is absolutely magical; there are actual rainbows in the air! As water cascades over towering cliffs into serene pools below, together the mist and sunlight reflect rainbows that dance around the falls. 

Additionally, there's plenty of open space at the waterfall's base, perfect for your wedding ceremony or perhaps a romantic picnic after you’ve said your vows. 

One of the most iconic locations within The Grampians is the picturesque lookout point known as The Balconies. 

With unique arching rock formations jutting from the mountainside and sweeping views of the National Park stretching in every direction, The Balconies is the perfect location to explore for your elopement. 

The Balconies are relatively easy to access. From the car park, there's a short, well-marked trail that leads you directly to the viewpoint. In springtime, the path is surrounded by native wildflowers, carpeting the ground with beautiful pops of colour. 

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Victoria's northern region is home to some of the state's most captivating scenery, from lush wineries and rivers to timeless historic towns. This tranquil corner of Victoria offers countless enchanting settings and experiences for couples seeking a quiet, scenic spot to elope.

Whether you’re exploring alongside the Murray River or wandering through the expansive citrus groves, there is something for everyone in this pocket of Victoria. 

While it’s beautiful year-round, spring and autumn are especially gorgeous due to the mild weather and abundance of bright foliage in the area. 

Northern Victoria

Cactus Country

Lake Tyrell

With its vibrant South American vibe, it's hard to believe this wonder is tucked away in Strathmerton, Victoria. Proudly holding the title of Australia's most expansive cactus garden, Cactus Country sprawls across 12 acres and invites you to explore its 8 winding pathways. This haven is home to an astonishing variety of the most interesting and delightful cacti you’ve ever seen! 

But the charm doesn’t end there. An added bonus for pet lovers – Cactus Country warmly welcomes dogs. That means your beloved canine companion can be right by your side as you celebrate your special day!

Just 7km out of the rural town of Sea Lake, Lake Tyrell is a mesmerising, otherworldly location for couples looking for an unforgettable backdrop for their elopement. 

Lake Tyrell is Victoria’s largest salt lake, spanning over 20,000 hectares. You can wander and explore for miles on end! It’s known for its unique bright pink hue which is caused by the presence of algae in the warm summer months. 

Apart from its distinctive colour, Lake Tyrell is known for its mirror-like reflections. With the right conditions, you can walk on a beautiful mirrored reflection of the clouds above you. It’s the perfect location if you’re looking for a vast, expansive and ethereal feel for your elopement! 

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Just an hour’s drive from central Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria offers an amazing blend of natural beauty and intimate settings, making it a popular destination for elopements. 

With the rugged coastline and secluded beaches, the peninsula provides many options as a romantic backdrop for couples seeking a peaceful environment to explore on their elopement day. 

The Mornington Peninsula 

The Cliffs

Flinders Blowhole

Spray Point

In Flinders, The Cliffs emerge as one of the most enchanting elopement spots we’ve ever come across. Its photogenic landscape is unmatched, offering an array of breathtaking backdrops for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

Imagine exchanging vows with panoramic cliff views, mesmerising sunsets, and the chance to wander down to the rugged shoreline. The Cliffs isn't just a location—it's an experience.
Evoking the ethereal landscapes of Scotland, this hidden treasure calls to those seeking a magical elopement setting! 

The rugged beauty of Flinders Blowhole offers couples an intimate environment surrounded by dramatic coastal cliffs and sweeping views of the ocean below. 

Depending on the season and time of day, Flinders Blowhole completely transforms itself. From moody, misty mornings where the cliffs appear to emerge from the clouds to golden sunsets that paint the ocean in bright hues of pink and orange, it’s guaranteed that no two elopements will ever look the same!

If you’re searching for an intimate coastal backdrop, then Spray Point should definitely be on your list. Known for its white-sand beach, unusual rock formations and sand dunes, Spray Point offers couples a picturesque location with expansive views of the ocean. 

Whether you’re standing on the beach or overlooking the water from the cliff faces, there are so many unique spaces to explore and wander through with your love. 

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When it comes to ethereal elopement locations, the Alpine National Park in Victoria, stands out as a hidden treasure. This sprawling wilderness offers an abundance of secluded spots, making it perfect for couples desiring an intimate, natural setting to say, “I do.”

The park's diverse landscapes, ranging from snow-capped mountains in winter to wildflower-filled meadows in summer, provide an idyllic space for a dreamy elopement ceremony! 

Whether you're an adventure-seeking couple wanting to hike to the perfect spot or looking for a tranquil meadow just off the road, there is something magical here for everyone. 

As this is a national park, you might require a permit to hold your wedding ceremony here. 

Alpine National Park

Mount Feathertop

Mount Hotham

Eloping at Mount Feathertop in Victoria offers couples an incredible adventure experience in the heart of nature. Nestled within the majestic Australian Alps, Mount Feathertop provides a breathtaking backdrop of rugged peaks and valleys. 
To reach the summit of Mount Feathertop, there are two main hiking tracks that you can follow: 

  • The Bungalow Spur: This is a longer but steadier climb, starting from the town of Harrietville.

  • The Razorback: This is a more popular and scenic route, starting from Diamantina Hut on the Great Alpine Road.

The ascent can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, so it’s important that you’re well-prepared for the hike. 

Alternatively, if you’re feeling unsure about the distance, there are many spots along the way that have equally amazing views. 

Mount Hotham is another picturesque location in Victoria's Alpine region, offering a breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped peaks, sweeping views, and alpine meadows. 

Whether blanketed in snow or adorned with wildflowers, Mount Hotham also provides an opportunity for outdoor adventurers to include activities like skiing, horse riding or mountain biking into their celebration. 

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Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges are located in Central Victoria and are known for their fairytale landscapes, rejuvenating mineral springs, and charming country towns. It's a popular destination for romantic getaways, spa retreats, and elopements! 

There are a range of activities that can be explored either before or after the ceremony. From visiting the mineral springs, exploring the local arts or antique scene or even going on a horseback ride through the countryside. 

Daylesford &
The Macedon Ranges

The Camel’s Hump

Lerderderg State Park

Daylesford Botanical Gardens

Lake Daylesford

Perched at the southern tip of the Macedon Ranges, the Camel’s Hump unveils a breathtaking panoramic vista. From lush forests and rolling hills to the distant silhouette of the city on clear days, it offers a stunning setting for your elopement celebration. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland with misty views and the chance of snow-dusted trees or a vibrant autumn setting with brilliant, golden foliage, Mount Macedon's shifting seasons offer a range of enchanting scenes.

With dramatic gorges, dense eucalyptus forests, and the beautiful Lerderderg River, the Lerderderg State Park offers a diverse range of landscapes for an elopement. Approximately an hour’s drive west of Melbourne, the park presents a serene backdrop for those ready to have their big day surrounded by endless nature.

For couples who share a love for adventure, Lerderderg State Park offers the opportunity to incorporate a little thrill into their elopement day. From bushwalking to exploring caves and trekking along riverbanks, your day can be as eventful or as relaxed as you desire! 

The Daylesford Botanical Gardens provides the perfect backdrop for couples seeking a quiet, intimate, and picturesque elopement location. With its peaceful surroundings, the gardens offer a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm.

The gardens are full of various locations that can act as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony; think of enchanting fern gullies, patches of wildflowers, or the tranquil waters of the lake.

Daylesford, being a renowned spa town, is also dotted with luxury resorts, cozy bed and breakfasts, and many amazing restaurant options that could be incorporated into your elopement experience! 

Nestled in the heart of spa country, Lake Daylesford is a picturesque rural oasis that seems to be plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. This idyllic place features a stunning lake, which mirrors the sky and surrounding greenery on clear days, making it a captivating backdrop for intimate elopement ceremonies.
Adding to its charm, Lake Daylesford is home to a cute boathouse where you can share a hot chocolate while soaking in the scenery or even rent a paddleboat or rowboat for an adventure on the lake. Additionally, the area offers a collection of scenic walking trails, ideal for those wanting to explore the surrounding nature together. 

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For those seeking a vibrant elopement experience, why not dive into the buzzing heart of a bustling cityscape?

Melbourne City stands as an exciting choice for couples seeking a fun, contemporary elopement setting. With iconic architecture, incredible restaurants, and enchanting green spaces waiting to be explored, Melbourne has a touch of magic for every kind of love story.

The City of Melbourne warmly welcomes elopements within its parks. You can even reserve these picturesque spots beforehand. However, it’s important to note that a permit may be necessary if your plans align with certain criteria they've set.

Melbourne City

Fitzroy Gardens

Black Rock Beach

Altar Electric

Located in East Melbourne, is one of Melbourne’s most historic and tended gardens. Fitzroy Gardens has long been a popular spot for many activities including strolling, picnics, and of course, a romantic event like an elopement!

As well as beautifully tended plants and trees, there are also numerous historical sites within Fitzroy Gardens such as the whimsical Fairy Tree, Captain Cook’s Cottage and the Conservatory which is always full of seasonal flower displays. 

With so much to explore and see, only a stone’s throw away from the city center, Fitzroy Gardens is a picture-perfect space for an elopement. 

Situated in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, Black Rock Beach is a cherished coastal gem in Victoria, celebrated for its epic natural vistas. Its large coastline is surrounded by rust-coloured cliffs, offering many spots for an intimate elopement. 

While its beauty shines throughout the year, the beach becomes otherworldly during the golden hour. As the sun sets, it casts a golden-red glow over the cliffs, creating a heavenly scene.

The beach is also covered with unique rock structures and trailing paths, inviting you to explore or indulge in activities like strolling along the water’s edge or enjoying some ice cream together with an incredible view. 

If you're on the hunt for a vibrant, Vegas-inspired setting, Altar Electric is your perfect destination. Nestled in Melbourne's inner Northern suburbs, it stands proud as Australia's first-ever tailor-made wedding chapel. 

Embrace the whimsy of this unique venue, where disco balls and eclectic charm promise an unforgettable elopement experience. It's not just a place to say 'I do', but an adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime!

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