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The heartbeat of love is powerful, unique, and unwavering. It doesn’t always adhere to the scripts handed down by society, and neither should your wedding day. For many couples, the idea of an elopement ignites that special fire, bringing forth visions of an intimate ceremony, unburdened by the expectations of a vast audience.

If you’re one of these couples, yearning for something beautifully unique, then the elopement path might just be your calling. It’s important to note: An elopement is not just an alternative wedding route; it’s a declaration that your love story is uniquely yours, ready to be etched in the pages of time and one to always remember.

So, why choose an elopement?

Before delving into the how-tos, let’s explore the why. In the context of elopements, the “why” may revolve around desires for intimacy, flexibility, or simply a wish to break away from tradition. By identifying and embracing these reasons, you can craft a wedding experience that’s not just unique but also deeply resonant with your shared values and aspirations. Your “why” is the foundation upon which everything else is built! It forms the core reason, purpose, or motivation behind your choice of elopement journey!

Elopements can resonate with you for many reasons:

  • Intimacy: There is profound beauty in pledging your love and commitment in an intimate setting, free from the prying eyes of a larger audience.
  • Flexibility: Without the constraints of a large event, you’re free to select a date, time, and place purely based on your desires.
  • Creative Freedom: With no rigid structure to abide by, you’re free to craft a day that’s uniquely yours, be it atop a mountain or beside a serene lakeside.
  • Authenticity: Elopements can offer an opportunity for couples to be genuinely themselves without feeling the need to put on a show or please others. It’s about two people and their authentic bond.
  • Renewed Focus on Your Marriage: At times, the grandeur of a wedding can overshadow the true purpose – the union of two souls. Elopements place the emphasis purely on the commitment of your love and the journey ahead.

So how do you plan your perfect day?

Opting for an elopement is like choosing your own custom-crafted adventure; it’s deeply personal, profoundly intimate, and thoughtfully designed with only your love story in mind. So, let’s dive into carving out that one-of-a-kind elopement journey.

  • The Setting of Your Story: Begin with the backdrop. Your elopement location should resonate with the shared chapters of your love story. Is it where you first met, a dream destination, or perhaps a serene spot where you both find peace? From vast valleys to secluded beaches, the world becomes the canvas for your ceremony.
  • Narrative Over Norm: Remember, this path is yours to define. Traditional timelines or sequences don’t bind you. If you’re dreaming of watching the sunrise before exchanging vows or starting your married life with a spontaneous dance in the rain, so be it. Your day, your love, your narrative!
  • The Threads of Your Tale: Fashion is a statement of self-expression. For your elopement, think beyond the conventional. Choose attire that mirrors your personality, be it vintage dresses, vibrant cultural garments, or sentimental jewellery!
  • Personalized Rituals: Incorporate rituals that resonate with your relationship. These can be inspired by cultural traditions, personal beliefs, or entirely new rituals you both create. Lighting a unity candle, planting a tree together, or simply penning handwritten letters to exchange – it’s about what feels right and makes you happy.
  • Documenting the Journey: While elopements are intimate, capturing those fleeting moments is vital. Consider engaging a photographer or videographer who aligns with your vision and can help assist you with your big day! And don’t forget about your documentation! A personal journal or sketches can be a beautiful reminder of your day, or you can write each other letters or postcards to immortalise your feelings of anticipation and excitement as you prepare to say, “I do.”
  • Savouring the Moment: Extend the elopement into a cherished experience. This is your greatest adventure yet, the sky is the limit! Plan activities throughout your day – perhaps a gourmet meal, stargazing, or simply lying down on a hammock, enveloped in each other’s embrace. Having these experiences will not only transform your day into an unforgettable adventure but also allow you to spend quality time with your love.

Choosing the path of elopement is not an act of defiance against established norms or a bid to challenge tradition. Rather, it’s going back to the origin of love, its unique rhythms, and the individual tale that lives in the hearts of every couple. By carving your unique elopement journey, you’re creating your own unique path to celebrate your marriage.

Each step taken, every choice made, becomes an exciting adventure created together. It’s about honouring the moments that have brought you to this milestone: the dreams woven on lazy afternoons, the aspirations charted on starry nights, and the array of experiences that have been the building blocks of your relationship. As time goes on, this choice will serve as a clear reminder of a day that was crafted authentically, based on the love and understanding between two people. It’s a straightforward, yet profound, declaration of what matters most in your relationship!

If you’re looking for more information and inspiration about eloping, particularly for those keen travellers who have their eyes on a destination wedding, check out our blog here for what to consider when taking the leap and legally eloping overseas.


September 18, 2023

Designing Your Dream Elopement

Rochelle Hansen

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