Picture this: Getting ready at the most BEAUTIFUL accommodation, a private first look and ceremony, cake with three of your closest loved ones before heading on an adventure to a beautiful rainforest and stunning sunset lookout. You’re in for a treat to see this incredible elopement unfold. 

Montana + River’s beautiful Yarra Ranges Adventure Elopement

The perfect summer’s elopement with the most beautiful couple

Montanna and River’s Yarra Ranges Adventure Elopement was extra special to us as they originally booked us for a big traditional wedding. A few months later, they reached out with the news that they had decided to follow their hearts and have an intimate elopement, just the two of them exploring and doing what they love. It warms our hearts when couples ignore the norm and chose to have a day that speaks to them!

Getting Ready at a cozy hut Airbnb and a first look amongst wildflowers.

Carl’s Hut Yellingbo is a 1.5hr drive from Melbourne and one of the most beautiful places we have photographed a couple getting ready in! M & R got ready separately inside the Airbnb they rented, which had the most beautiful exposed wooden beams, stone fireplace and gorgeous decor which perfectly matched the aesthetic of their day. M had a few of her family members present to help her get dressed and to calm the nerves of the day. Often couples forget that you can 100% bring support to your elopement if you want to! Whether you want them there the whole day, or just to help you get ready, it is your day and you can decide what feels right for you.

During their getting ready, they had a peaceful moment to write their vows before heading out into the backyard for their first look. The location and wildflowers were to DIE for and the clouds gave us the perfect coverage from the harsh mid-day sun. 

If you’re thinking about eloping in the Yarra Ranges you have to check out Carl’s Hut! The owners have the sweetest backstory of the place and are so generous and excited about sharing their beautiful little oasis with other couples.

Private Ceremony at a cute little Airbnb

M + R wanted to have a private ceremony, for the moment to be just for them and not for anyone else. After it was over, they went back into the hut where they celebrated with M’s closest family and best friend. They ate cake and shared laughs before their family headed off and their adventure began.

Creating Meaning in your Elopement Photographs

When we were getting to know M + R’s love story, they told us about how they bonded by using Photobooth on their laptop at school (anyone else remember Photobooth?!). We thought it would be fun to use that idea and have them take polaroids of each other on their day. A beautiful way of recognising how their story began PLUS a bonus of getting to keep adorable polaroids! 

Hiking Adventure Elopement at Toorongo Falls

One of the best forest elopement locations in Victoria!

Swapping heels for hiking boots, we set off to Toorongo Falls where the big adventure began! Toorongo Falls has to be one of the most beautiful forests we have photographed in Victoria. The lush green ferns, golden light and whimsical landscape was breathtaking. Whether you make the climb to the waterfall, or just have photos at the river near the carpark, it is all equally as beautiful. If you do decide to hike to the waterfall, I would allow an hour to get there, take photos and come back. 

Adventure Elopement outfits

Just because you’re eloping, does not mean you cannot go all out for your outfits! Montana wore the most beautiful wedding dress that suited her so well! It had slightly stiffer material which meant it didn’t get caught on branches when hiking. She also wore a hoop underskirt so that the skirt would naturally sit out and make it easier to walk. They both had fancier shoes when at the Airbnb/for their ceremony but changed into hiking boots when we went adventuring (which we HIGHLY recommend!). There is something super cute about hiking boots with a wedding dress anyway!

Sunset lookout and private vows at the most insane lookout near Melbourne

After adventuring at Toorongo Falls we got back into the car and head to the most beautiful lookout! I cannot believe this insane lookout is only 2 hours from Melbourne. M + R didn’t want to share intimate vows during their ceremony, so they decided to read them privately at sunset which was so cute! They wanted to sit down to read them which was the cutest thing ever (I think more couples should do this!). They had one of the best sunsets we could ask for! It was so DREAMY watching the sun go down and I feel so unbelievably special that we got to witness this moment between M and R and to capture it for them to remember forever. 

Yarra Ranges Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Hello hello! If you don’t know me already, I’m Rochelle and I’m a Victorian based elopement photographer. I’m one half of Love Wilder, and my husband, Linden is the other half and video extraordinaire! We’re here to capture your love story, capture the magic and to create the best experience with you and your love! When you start planning your elopement, you know where to find us! We would love nothing more than to help you create the best day of your life!

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February 2, 2024

Beautiful Yarra Ranges Adventure Elopement

Rochelle Hansen

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