Take one, take two! There is no limit on recommitting and saying “I do.” Here’s everything you need to know about vow renewals.

Getting married is a celebration of love and the union between two souls, so why should this experience be limited to a one-time-only affair? Love knows no bounds, whether you’ve been married for one year or many years. Celebrating with a vow renewal is a beautiful way to cherish your relationship and the life you’ve built with your love. Traditionally vow renewals were closely associated with milestone anniversaries, however, I believe every love story deserves to be honoured regardless of the length of time spent together. 

The beauty of a vow renewal is the pure creative freedom you have at your fingertips. Whilst some couples opt for a yearly renewal, others do choose significant milestones to celebrate. There is no right or wrong time! And that applies to the venue, too! Whether it’s a family garden, atop a mountain peak at sunset or nestled away within a pine forest, what matters most is capturing that special essence of your relationship and reflecting it through your venue. 

Another fantastic perk of a vow renewal is the opportunity to have a loved one act as your officiant. Unlike a wedding, a vow renewal isn’t a legally binding ceremony. Therefore, your officiant could be a close relative or friend, your children or simply a judge or minister. They can have as much or as little input into the ceremony as you desire, too. Whether it’s a poetry reading, sharing a personal story of your love, or simply exchanging vows with your partner, the creative direction is at your discretion. 

Many couples chose to include a photographer within their vow renewals to capture the celebration, encapsulating the love that continues to grow and prosper. Not only is this a beautiful way to immortalise your reaffirmation, but it also provides you with an array of images to share and reflect on for years to come. There are many Melbourne wedding photographers that offer vow renewal options through their services, including yours truly! Although I am based between Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges, I travel all over to capture love!  

But I can hear you saying, “What actually occurs during a ceremony for a vow renewal?”

And my answer to that is, “It’s completely up to you!”

Stripped to its very core, a vow renewal ceremony is exchanging vows with your significant other. It provides the opportunity to reflect on your life together, the adventures you’ve taken and potentially the hardships you’ve endured as a team. You can include inside jokes and heartfelt memories or simply recall your original wedding vows.

After your vows, you’ll exchange rings. Some couples might purchase a new band to upgrade their wedding stack, whereas others might opt to keep their original bands. There are various unique options that you can explore from personalised bands with engraved dates or quotations, to creating a new ring from your preexisting one: a perfect blend of the past and the present, as well as the promise of the future.

After that, the remainder of your celebration is in your hands! Whether you choose to have an intimate dinner with loved ones or simply want to bask in the joy and happiness with your partner, your celebration can be as formal or informal as you desire. If you previously had a large wedding, a vow renewal is a perfect option to have an elopement-style celebration. This could potentially include an international/interstate destination, a particular location that has significant meaning to your relationship, perhaps a picturesque little Airbnb with your fur-babies! The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor it specifically to your relationship. 

So, regardless of whether you’ve been married for one year or you’re approaching your 50th wedding anniversary, I implore you to consider a vow renewal as a way to celebrate your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a large, over-the-top fancy affair! It can be as simple and intimate as you prefer. The most fundamental element is honouring your journey together. The love shared between two people and recommitting to a promise of making the most of your future together as a team.

If this is something you’re interested in then send me a message! I’d love to be able to create something special for you and your love!

Let the adventure begin!


February 1, 2022

Take One, Take Two: Vow Renewals

Rochelle Hansen

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