As the sun slowly crept through the trees and shone its warm light across Poet’s Lodge in Daylesford, Victoria, Chloe & David prepared themselves for a wedding that would be nothing short of raw, emotional, and intimate.

The cosy and warm atmosphere of Poet’s Lodge was the perfect backdrop to capture Chloe & David’s love story. The natural beauty that surrounded them was not just a mere background, but it became an essential part of their storytelling. With each shot, you could feel the love and emotion that intwined with every aspect of their wedding.

From their very first look right up until the moment they said, “I do,” Chloe and David were absolutely smitten with one another, it was magical to witness. The way they looked into each other’s eyes, the tenderness as they held each other’s hands, the love that filled the air – everything felt so real and raw. Evidently, their love was not just a fairytale, but a true adventure they had embarked on together. It was the beginning of a brand new chapter of their lives!

The beauty of a micro-wedding lies in the intimacy that it provides. With only close friends and family members gathered to witness their marriage, Chloe & David could share this special moment in their lives in a sweet and intentional way. The simplicity of this micro-wedding allowed for their love to take centre stage, and it truly felt like the perfect celebration for this beautiful couple.

The couple shared plenty of sweet moments together as they wandered around together, soaking in all the emotions of their big day and enjoying their time together before officially becoming husband and wife.

Chloe & David’s picture-perfect wedding day at Poet’s Lodge was a perfect example of how love should be celebrated and cherished. It was raw, emotional, natural, and intimate – all the things that make a wedding truly special. As a photographer, I was honoured to be able to capture their love story and provide them with memories that they can reflect on for years to come.


June 19, 2023

A Micro-Wedding in Daylesford, Victoria

Rochelle Hansen

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