If you’ve been following along our journey, you know by now that The Great Ocean Road holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to elopements in Victoria. The coastline offers countless breathtaking spots for portraits and adventures. Today, I’m excited to share the beautiful story of Amanda and Tyler’s Great Ocean Road Elopement. Their day unfolded in a simple yet breathtaking manner that truly reflected their love and connection.

Stress-free Beach Elopement

Amanda and Tyler opted for a stress-free, down-to-earth celebration that mirrored their personalities. From the moment we stepped into their cute hotel, Sea Foam Villas in Port Campbell, we could sense the day would be filled with love and relaxation. The anticipation built as they shared a sweet first look at Port Campbell beach, setting the tone for the adventures that lay ahead.

Finally, the awaited moment arrived for their first look, and it was truly awe-inspiring. Brimming with love, excitement, and anticipation for their wedding, this instant was undeniably tender and extraordinary. It was accompanied by joyful giggles, bright smiles, and an enthusiastic declaration: “Let’s go get married!” (Have a peek at their video below to see this beautiful moment!)

It provided a beautiful opportunity for this lovely couple to share a moment together, embracing their emotions and being fully present before they made their way to meet the celebrant for their beachside ceremony.

Stunning Gibson Steps Elopement Ceremony

The highlight of their celebration was at the iconic Gibson Steps, where they exchanged vows and had sunset portraits that turned the entire experience into an absolute dream. The simplicity of their celebration made it all the more beautiful and genuine.

Great Ocean Road Elopement Locations

The Great Ocean Road boasts some of the most dramatic and beautiful views in all of Victoria! From the iconic sea cliffs, to hidden coves, waterfalls and even a redwood forest. There are so many places to explore and adventure! Check out this image from our incredible shoot with K & F! It was taken at another favourite location of ours, Loch Ard Gorge, however, it has been closed for renovations so make sure you check if it has re-opened!

Eloping In Secret Or Sharing The News?

The elopements we capture are around 50% of each. Some couples choose to share the news immediately with family (like us! We couldn’t keep the secret!) and want to involve their loved ones in their Day. You can do this by having a few attend your ceremony, or by having them a part of the day in other ways such as going dress shopping or writing letters to open on the day. As we eloped overseas, we also legally got married in Australia first and had our parents as witnesses.

The other way couples choose to elope is in total secret! We often have couples share the news at their “engagement party” and use video to announce that they actually got married, which is super fun!!

Amanda and Tyler chose to elope in secret to ensure their day was solely about them, free from distractions. They waited a few days before sharing the exciting news with their loved ones.

What To Wear To A Beach Elopement

In true Australian beach lover style, Amanda and Tyler embraced the laid-back atmosphere, opting for bare feet and a simple yet elegant dress that perfectly complemented the stunning location. Tyler wore a simple suit jacket and chino pants.

You can go as fancy or laid back as you want! If you want to wear a full tux, do it! If you want to go super simple and wear a day dress heck yeah! Your day is about you and you need to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. I would however, recommend bare-feet if having a beach elopement!

Elopement Vow Books

As advocates for personal touches, we encouraged Amanda and Tyler to write vows and provided them with vow books from The Whole Bride. Beyond being a wonderful storytelling tool for photos and video, these vow books became cherished keepsakes, encapsulating the essence of their special day.

Great Ocean Road Sunset Elopement

And then, as if the day hadn’t already been perfect enough, we were blessed with the most incredible golden sunlight! Taking full advantage of this, we captured Amanda and Tyler’s love story as the celebration unfolded along the coast. They splashed in the water, and danced on the sand, their laughter echoing across the shore as they basked in newlywed bliss. It was truly a sight to behold and a day that we won’t ever forget.

Amanda and Tyler’s Great Ocean Road Elopement was a testament to the beauty found in simplicity, love, and the unspoiled landscapes that make this coastal region so enchanting.

“I had no idea where to start when it come to planning an elopement… Rochelle held my hand the whole way from start to finish. Even on the day, she was there to help me with fixing my dress after a little stitching mishap. The day ran so smoothly, it was fun, relaxed and so perfect to us, thanks to Rochelle and Linden. We couldn’t be more stoked with our gallery and video. Thank you guys for the best experience we could have ever asked for. From start to finish 🧡🧡🧡 …Our only regret is not hiring you for the full day!”

Great Ocean Road Elopement Videographer


Check out Amanda and Tylers highlights video to see how beautiful a Great Ocean Road Elopement can be! Highlight videos are such a beautiful keepsake for your elopement day. They allow you the chance to share the experience with family and friends and for you to relive the love all over again! Although I will always be the photographer lover in the team, video allows you the chance to relive your day is such a different way. You’re about to hear your loves voice saying their vows to you, something that photos just cannot do. So if you’re eloping, definitely consider having a video!

We had the best time celebrating with Amanda and Tyler and capturing their incredible love story. We would love to capture your Great Ocean Road Elopement too! Reach out here and let’s get you married! 


July 13, 2023

A Romantic Great Ocean Road Elopement

Rochelle Hansen

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