Let’s set the scene . . .

You start your adventure on the beach, running in the sand, cuddling each other to stay warm.. the sea breeze blowing gently in your hair. It’s just you, the love of your life (and me, the professional third wheel!). You play in the sand and explore the rock-pools before heading up to the incredible cliffs of the Mornington Peninsula for a sunset picnic.

When Tim and France reached out to organise an adventure couple’s photography session to celebrate their engagement, I knew we were in for something special. They were a couple who sought to embrace the moment, to cherish their time together, and to create an experience that went beyond mere photographs. The moment we met each other in the beach carpark, I knew that we would create magic together.

Whilst surrounded by incredible scenery, we didn’t just capture the beauty of this picturesque location, but the sweet, honest connection between Tim and France as they shared laughter, cuddles, and innocent silliness. From chasing waves, frolicking in the sand and basking in the golden glow of the setting sun, there were smiles all around!

Beyond the breathtaking landscape, the true essence lay in cherishing the present and crafting an unforgettable experience. Tim and France eagerly engaged in an activity close to their hearts, which allows us to create images and moments of pure genuineness. As they arranged a delightful picnic by the cliffside, they embraced each other’s company, immersing themselves in the love and excitement they shared.

So, whether you’re embarking on an engagement photoshoot or simply seeking to spend some time with your sweetheart and document your love story, remember that photography is not just about the pretty pictures. It’s about capturing the essence of who you are, the raw emotions that make your love unique, and the story you want to tell to the world! We would love to capture this special time in your life so send us a message and let’s create some magic!


July 3, 2023

An Adventure Engagement Shoot in Victoria

Rochelle Hansen

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