So you’re planning your intimate wedding in Victoria and wondering where to start looking for the perfect location? First off, congrats on choosing a different path! Intimate weddings and elopements are such beautiful and unique experiences. What an incredible way to celebrate you and your love story! 

In this blog, I will share my 8 favourite venues for intimate weddings in Victoria and what you need to look for when finding the perfect place to say ‘I do’. Each of these venues has that extra something special that would make the perfect backdrop for your special day! 

Poets Lodge

Poet’s Lodge is an absolutely stunning, unique venue that you have to check out! Picture this: cobblestone courtyards, an array of large vibrant ferns, long tables with beautiful flowers set underneath strings of fairy lights AND incredibly beautiful interior design within the three onsite cottages, what more could you ask for? Does this sound like I’m describing a scene directly from a romance novel? Because that’s exactly how this venue feels! To top it off, owner Angeline will be the maid of honour/substitute mother of your dreams! Her attention to detail, a wealth of knowledge and gorgeous personality will make you feel right at home on your day. She has you covered!

Lake house Daylesford

Lake house Daylesford has quickly become one of my favourite venues to photograph. Imagine the sun setting over the lake as you say ‘I do’ with your friends and family. In autumn, there are rich golden-hued trees and during the evening, you can roast marshmallows by the fire-pit. The small, intimate dining space makes for the perfect cosy area to share a delicious meal with your closest loved ones. There are so many beautiful spots around the lake for your couple’s portraits as well as the option to take photos at the Wombat Botanical Gardens! 

Sault Daylesford

Sault Daylesford is a picturesque little church and restaurant located in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, just 1.5 hours from Melbourne. The gardens are lined with endless rows of beautiful purple lavender and in autumn, you’re entirely surrounded by lines of golden trees for you and your love to frolic in as husband and wife! Regardless of the season, you won’t be disappointed! I would definitely recommend having this venue on your check-out list. 

Carl’s Hut

Hidden in the hills of the Yarra Ranges, Carl’s Hut is the perfect getaway for those looking to elope. The hut has been newly renovated and styled to perfection, meaning your photos will be BEAUTIFUL!! We recently captured the most gorgeous elopement here where M + R got ready, wrote their vows, had a first look amongst wildflowers and shared vows. It is also the perfect base to explore the Yarra Ranges National Park and other amazing lookouts and locations! Check out their full gallery HERE and see how amazing it is for yourself!

Cactus Country

Cactus Country is probably one of the most unique venues in all of Victoria which I’m sure you can see why! Whether you want to have a private, two person elopement, or a small intimate wedding, this is the perfect place for couples wanting an epic backdrop and experience without travelling halfway across the world!

Salt Creek Cottage

Located in the foothills of the Grampians National Park, Salt Creek Cottage, Dunkeld is the perfect place for couples wanting an adventurous day! Imagine getting ready in this gorgeous Airbnb, going to an amazing view in the Grampians for your ceremony and sunset portraits, and returning here for an intimate celebration with loved ones!

Under The Moon Elopements

Under The Moon Elopements is home boasts wide open views of beautiful mountain ranges, incredibly glamping options for you and your guests and the perfect laid back vibe for those wanting a country escape. The private property will have you swooning! Just check out the images below!

Mont Du Soleil

If you want an Italian vibe in your own backyard, then definitely check out Mont Du Soleil! It is STUNNING!!! I honestly cannot choose if the outside or inside is more beautiful! If you want to get married here please please please reach out! We’re dying to go back here to create magic!!

Little Church Spring Hill

Tucked away in the forest of Spring Hill, Little Church Spring Hill is not a venue to skip past. Nestled amongst ancient gum trees and rolling countryside, the cream walls of the church act as a perfect canvas to create an incredible ceremony setup. They have indoor dining options, or if you would prefer, you can have tables set up outside for a European look. I photographed an intimate two-person elopement here this past summer and it was stunning! And I haven’t even mentioned the best part! And that is that the Little Church is situated atop Spring Hill Peony Farm. In spring, there is a sea of brightly coloured peonies that you can source for your bouquet or have as your backdrop for photos. Everything about this venue is seriously magical and not one to be missed!  

Looking for something a little different? AirBNB’s have become increasingly popular for intimate weddings. Not only are they unique, but you can also stay there with your loved ones! Take a look at the AirBNB website as well as Riparide for some amazing places that are off the beaten path!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an Airbnb for your wedding!

1. Light, Light, Light!

Lighting is one of the most important things you need to think about when searching for your venue. If you’re getting married inside, look for a venue that has big windows and loads of natural light. Make sure you visit the venue at the time of day you’re planning on getting married to ensure that you know exactly what it will look like. If you’re getting married outside, I would suggest looking for a place that has shade. The Australian sun can be very harsh and not overly flattering in the middle of the day. Opt to have your ceremony early morning or late afternoon. Your photographer can also help you out with lighting and timing! 

2. Check Out the Decor!

Remember that everything you see at the venue will be a part of your photos. Look out for wall colour, flooring and other elements that might make you love or hate the venue. If there is a particular vibe you’re hoping to achieve in your photos, try to find accommodation that mirrors that desired aesthetic! For example, if you’re dreaming of soft, rustic charm and want that to come through in your photos, perhaps avoid overly modern venues. 

3. Look Inside & Out.

As I previously mentioned, lighting is a major element that you need to consider when looking for locations for your wedding photos. Try and find a venue that has plenty of shade and/or indoor options in case the lighting isn’t ideal. Having multiple options is never a bad thing, particularly if the weather isn’t cooperative. Look at your outdoor options, as well as indoors and if possible, also view the venue prior to booking so that you’re truly able to get a feel for the space. Sometimes you might fall in love with a venue on paper, but don’t feel that same magic in person. I highly, highly recommend viewing any spaces prior to making any final commitments!

4. Check Off Your List.

I find it helpful to have a list of things you’d like to have in a venue and perhaps a list of things you’d like to avoid. This can be useful down the line if you’re stuck between a few different options and need to make a pros and cons list to finalise your decision. Can this venue accommodate your loved ones? Are there alternative weather-pending options available? Are there enough photoshoot locations, and if so, does one stand out more than the others? I encourage you to sit down with your partner and create a list of what’s important to you as a couple and your wedding and see what you can tick off when you’re looking at potential venues!    

Not sure if the place you have found will be right for you? Ask your photographer (AKA me!!!) I can’t stress this enough, but I’m are here to help you in any way possible. I want you to have the most amazing photos and experience for your day so simply send me a message with the venues that you’re considering and I can help you out! I’m so excited to hear more about your day!


May 25, 2022

Intimate Wedding Venues Victoria

Rochelle Hansen

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