Florists and Photographers and DJs, oh my!

Many components go into the planning and execution of a wedding day. Some are bigger than others and in the grand scheme of things how do you know which vendors to book first? What needs to be prioritised? How far in advance can you book? Soon a couple of questions can balloon into many!

The simple answer is:
What is a priority to you, as a couple?

If you have a specific date set in mind, I’d implore you to seek out your venue first and foremost. If you have a little more flexibility around wedding dates, that will allow further wiggle room when booking vendors. But ultimately, it comes down to what is most important to you and what you can’t picture your wedding without. 

When something is labelled as a “priority booking,” it isn’t necessarily because it’s the most important thing to a wedding (but it definitely can be for some people!) rather, because there is limited availability for that particular service.

For example, a photographer is most likely to shoot a single wedding per day. Therefore, once booked, they are unavailable on that date for any further jobs. The same can be said for venues, celebrants, bands/DJs, etc. So it’s really first-in, best-dressed for these services particularly during peak wedding season which can be anywhere between September to April in Australia. (Essentially, any month outside the winter period!) 

Keep reading for a priority bookings list to highlight some of the bigger vendors to ensure you’re able to secure the services you’ve got your heart set on! 

Priority Bookings include, but are not limited to:

  1. Wedding Venues
  2. Photographer and/or Videographer
  3. Musicians & DJs
  4. Catering Services (if not already included within your venue package) 
  5. Celebrants

Once you have a specific date cemented, it will make booking vendors a considerably easier endeavour! Whilst these vendors below aren’t included on the priority list, if they are personally important to you, I’d still suggest booking them as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Bonus tip: If your ideal date falls on a Saturday, I’d definitely encourage you to book your venue first. According to ABS 2021, up to 47% of all weddings within Australia were conducted on a Saturday in 2020 (that’s just under 37,000 weddings!) Most venues will allow you to book up to two years in advance to give you ample opportunity to secure a date that suits you!

Secondary Bookings

  1. Wedding Planner
  2. Transportation (Cars, horse/carriage, etc.)
  3. Hair & Makeup Artists
  4. Floral Designer
  5. Stationery Designer (Invitations, signs, etc.) 

I would recommend having a discussion with your partner and together creating your very own “priority list” by narrowing it down to your top 3 must-have vendors. This way, you’re on the same page as a couple and have an objective plan when you begin booking your wedding vendors! How exciting!

Once the ball begins rolling and you’re securing vendors, your direction moving forward will become more clear as the details become more permanent. For example, once you have your date, you’re free to enquire and book additional services.

Once you’ve booked your photographer, you can begin establishing a timeline together for your day. Think of it as a big puzzle that you’re putting the pieces together to create a beautiful end result that you can admire for years to come!

There are also some incredibly helpful resources out there surrounding wedding planning and organisation. Hey Jack has a detailed checklist that breaks down your tasks from 18 months out right down to the aftermath of your wedding day, you can check it out here!

However, if you prefer to create your own checklist or have a designated folder for all of your planning, I would definitely recommend getting your own personal planner! Head over to Karen Willis Holmes who has created a list of the best wedding organisational books featuring different purchase options across Etsy, Kikki K and Kmart. There is definitely a perfect book for every type of planner here!

The planning process for any wedding can be daunting and quite overwhelming, but it’s also exciting and so much fun! Take the time as a couple to really discuss what’s important to the both of you and what will add a further silver lining to an already magical day! Establish that first initial starting point and don’t forget this is a celebration of your love; it’s critical to enjoy these wondrous moments together and all of those that await ahead of you.  

Still stuck with where to begin? Reach out with more information about your wedding day and I would love to help you out! I have a list of incredible vendors I have worked with and that I couldn’t recommend enough! Can’t wait to talk to you soon!


December 15, 2021

Which Vendors Should You Book First for Your Wedding?

Rochelle Hansen

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